DIY farmhouse style Thanksgiving “Talk Turkey to me” sign

Oh how I love the style of the farmhouse signs. They are so clean and simple. So light and fresh. They are a delightful addition to any room. I especially love the tiny splash of color they provide, when the frame is colored. And Thanksgiving is such a heartwarming time. It brings families and friends together. So why not bring a little extra smiles as well, with this humorous farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign. It’s sure to be a hit. And it’s pretty easy to make. Read on to see how I made this and you can make one of your own too.


  • 1×2’s (2 cut at 6.5″ and 2 cut at 8″)
  • Masonite board (cut to 7.75×7.75″)
  • sponge paint brush
  • sand paper, sanding block, or hand sander
  • colored paint of your choice (I used dark goldenrod)
  • Wood stain (Provincial color)
  • “Talk Turkey to me” print on cardstock from Emma Sue Bow-tique
  • bradnailer and nails

Step 1: Building your farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign wood frame

If you do not have your 1×2 cut into 4 smaller pieces, do that now. Cut 2 pieces measuring 6.5 inches and 2 more pieces measuring 8 inches.

Take one 6.5″ piece and stand it on end. Line up the edge of the 8″ piece on top of the edge of the 6.5″ piece and shoot 2 nails through the 8″ piece into the 6.5″ piece, securing it into place.

Repeat this step for the other 6.5″ piece. Once you have both 6.5″ pieces secured to one of the 8″ pieces flip it over so the 6.5″ pieces are sticking up in the air. Now place the remaining 8″ piece on top of the two 6.5″ pieces sticking up in the air and secure it into place with 2 nails in each end, as you did before. You may need to pull and tug at it to help them line up correctly.

Step 2: Painting your farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign wood frame

Once your frame is built, begin painting it using the paint color of your choice and a sponge brush. Apply 2-3 coats of paint using the 15 minute quick dry painting technique. After painting the frame set it aside to dry.

Step 3: Printing your farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign print

While you are waiting for your frame to dry, size and print your “Talk Turkey to me” print on heavy duty card stock. I just used my printer at home, because it printed so nicely. However, I was only testing it. I originally planned to have it printed at a professional printing place. You can do either. Cut out your print so it will fit nicely in your frame. (I left a little extra to sit behind the frame so it had a nice clean edge along the inside of the frame)

Step 4: Distressing your farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign frame

Now that you have your print printed and your frame is dry, lets distress it up. Using sand paper, a sanding block, or a hand sander, sand the surface and sides of your frame. The more you sand, the more paint that is removed, the more raw wood to pick up the color of the stain. So keep in mind. I always recommend to start small.–You can always sand more, but if you sand too much in the beginning you are going to have to start all over and repaint it.

Step 5: Staining your farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign frame

After you have distressed your frame using sand paper, you are going to apply Provincial wood stain to it. Using an old towel, dip into the stain and rub it everywhere on your frame. Make sure you get all areas covered. Using another section of your towel, wipe all the excess stain off. The harder you wipe, the more stain you remove. When you have wiped all the excess stain off of your frame, set it aside to let it dry. You want to make sure it is pretty dry before putting it all together.

Step 6: Assembling your frame

Now that your frame is dry, your print is printed and cut, and your backing is the correct size, let’s put it together. Double check to make sure your backing is not too big for your frame. If it is just trim it down a little so that it fits a little inside on all edges.

Lay your backing out on your work surface and center your print to it. Using double-sided sticky tape (I used my double-sided scrapbook stickies) put some under each corner of the print, securing it into place.

Once you have your print held in place with the double-sided sticky tape, center the frame on top to get an idea of how you want it. Now very carefully flip everything face down on your work surface. Make sure the backing is still centered to the frame, nail the backing to the frame using the brad nailer (I put 2 nails in each side).

After you have the back nailed into place, you are done!

It’s now time to adorn your living space with this humorous farmhouse style Thanksgiving sign. Find the perfect place, where all will see and it can bring a smile to your company’s face and you can enthusiastically say, “I made that!” Enjoy and display it well, with confidence, because you are amazingly creative!

Enjoy the holiday prep my crafty friend!



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