Thanksgiving craft open house 2019

Join me for a late morning, early afternoon of crafts, snacks, and fun! You’ll learn great tips and tricks to help make your crafts. It will be a lot of fun and you’ll be thankful you came.

Saturday November 16th from 10-2pm

Orders need to be placed Friday November 8th by midnight
via email:

Kits available

Now I know this time of year is very busy for all of us. If you need a kit, include that in your order.

Here’s how it works:
  • Decide what craft(s) you want to make (No skills required just a desire to do it)
  • Share with family and friends (if you bring someone new with you, you will get an extra raffle entry!!)
  • Place your order through email:
  • Come to the event with friends and family in tow=extra raffle entry!!
  • All supplies will be prepared for you and step-by-step instructions will be provided.
  • You will also have access to your personal craft consultant to answer all questions and assist when needed.

#1. Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed farmhouse style sign(s) {small} $6 each or 3 for $15

These cute little signs are great for small spaces. They measure approx. 7.5×4 inches. They are made from sturdy solid wood. They can be displayed on a shelf, mantle, centerpiece, on the wall, or pretty much anywhere. Each sign will take approx 45-60 minutes to complete.

#2. Talk Turkey to me farmhouse style sign $10

This funny farmhouse style sign is also great for small spaces. It measures approx 8×8 inches. This is also made form sturdy wood and can be displayed just about anywhere. It adds just the right splash of color to your home. This sign will take approx. 1 hour to complete.

#3. Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed farmhouse style sign(s) {LARGE} $12 each or 3 for $30

Yep! Here they are again! Only these are a little larger. These measure approx. 12×5.5 inches. They are a great way to add a little farmhouse charm to your home. They can be displayed anywhere really and would make a great addition to a large center piece. Each sign will take approx 45-60 minutes to complete.

#4. Pumpkin {LARGE} $25

This 3-D wood pumpkin is gorgeous! It has a little cottage charm to it. It is solid wood, very sturdy, and can stand alone. Adorned with a charming gray decorative knob as the stem. It measures approx. 10W x 10.5H x 5 inches thick. It is a great little addition for any home. It will take approx. 90+ minutes to make.

#5. Pumpkin {tall & skinny} $15

Another 3-D pumpkin with cottage charm! Only this one is smaller and has a hint of color to it. It measures approx. 9H x 5.5W x 3 inches thick. This skinny pumpkin is made of solid wood and can stand on it’s own. It can be displayed on shelves, end tables, entry tables, centerpieces, the options are endless. Add one to your home! This item will take approx. 90+ minutes to complete.

#6. Pumpkin {short & squatty} $20

Third time’s a charm, right?! I just loved these pumpkins and I couldn’t pass them up, so you get 3 different options to choose from! This pumpkin is a mini of the large pumpkin. It does have a charming decorative brushed nickel know as the stem as well. It measures approx. 7.5W x 6.5H x 3 inches thick. It will take approx. 90+ minutes to complete.

#7. Cake (Pie) stand $25

Beautiful! Need I say more? I LOVE how this turned out! So much better than I imagined. And what better time to have a cake or pie stand than at Thanksgiving! The cake stand is made of wood and finished with the chippy paint style. It measures approx. 12″ in diameter and stands 5.5″ high. This item is actually a 2 day process to complete. You will begin on Saturday the 16th, and come back the following week to finish it up.

#8. Square serving tray $30

I love serving trays! This one is great! It actually fits our dishes in it. We can now serve breakfast in bed. Actually, truth be told, my last serving tray became a decoration display serving tray…and I love it!
This serving tray, is sturdy and has easy to grasp handles. It’s square design {16×16 (16×19 including handles)}makes it easy to carry and balance. Great to serve up those left overs for a snack. This tray is easy to make. It will take approx. 1+ hours to make.

#9. 3-tier dessert stand $40

This 3-tier dessert stand matches the cake/pie stand. It is made of wood with a chippy paint style finish. Just imagine how beautiful this will be with your Thanksgiving spread on your dinning table. Each tray measures 8″, 11″, & 14″ in diameter(top-bottom). It stands 15″ high. This stand is also a 2 day process to complete. You will begin on Saturday the 16th, and come back the following week to finish it up.

#10. Thankful sign $45

I love this time of year and how we focus on gratitude. I wish I could be as focused on gratitude throughout the year as I am during the holidays. I am thankful for all of you and your support you give to me (us). I love providing you with fun opportunities to be creative that you otherwise might not have.
This sign is a great addition to any home to welcome in the Thanksgiving holiday and to be a reminder to be “thankful” for all that you have. It measures approx. 29″W x 12″H. This beautiful sign will take approx. 2+ hours to make.

***ReMeMBeR*** finished items are always available

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