Hi, I’m Brandee! I am the voice you will hear, here at Fourth East Craft Co.
We are a husband and wife team, doing what we love. Raising our family, building, and crafting right along side! (and a lot of times with little helpers) We have six wonderfully, crazy, and fun children who keep us on our toes. We work great together and inspire each other. Together we have come up with some pretty great stuff.
Fourth East Craft Co. all started, originally, as a monthly craft night for family, friends, and neighbors. We continue to hold monthly craft nights and they are a blast! We’ve even had others host craft nights too. We wanted to bring our great projects and ideas to more than just those who are close to us. Which is why we have started this site. We hope you find something that you love or that might inspire you. Make something of your own by following our simple step by step instructions! And I’m always willing to answer any questions you might have. Happy crafting!!

Happy crafting 🙂 —Brandee