Make your own glitter medium

Oh, how I love glitter!! It is so sparkly, and shimmery, and it just adds the UMPH! sometimes needed to finish off a project. I’ve tried glitter paints, metallic paints, sprinkling glitter onto glue on the surface of my project only to have the majority of it fall off over time. None of these could give me the result that I was looking for. That I oh, so dreamed of. Until now!… day, by accident, I discovered how to get these results. Could this be real, or am I dreaming? The true result that I have been craving for so long, and I’ve created it? Honest? OH! Dream come true! If you, too, struggle to get the beautiful glitter accents that you have always dreamed of, but never knew was possible, read on my friend! You will not be disappointed. Follow these 3 simple steps to make your own glitter medium. This will be your new favorite way to use glitter….THE END…PERIOD!!

These are my true words. I am not being compensated in any way for sharing my honest opinion with you!

Supplies needed:


First, let me just tell you that I have found the BEST glitter ever! I’m sure there are other brands and different kinds out there, but for me, this is it! And I still haven’t even explored all that they have to offer!

Hemway is the name of the glitter I have found. It is totally awesome! It comes in ultra sparkle dust powder, which is my favorite, extra chunky, different mixes and they even have shaped glitter. It’s available in 33 different colors. Solid colors, holographic colors, and cute mixes.

As I said before, I haven’t explored all that they have, but I will in time. All of these are available from this link here. You definitely need to give it a try, you WON’T be disappointed! And if for some reason you are disappointed, they have a 100% money back guarantee. So you can’t loose. And another BONUS, if you have children, like me, it’s completely child safe and non toxic so you can even get your children involved and using glitter too!!

Mod Podge

I feel like Mod Podge has been around forever! At least I remember my Mom using it, when I was a little girl. It is great! Mod Podge is a waterbase sealer, glue and finish that is available in all different types and finishes. It’s easy to use and simple to clean up with soap and water…..when it’s wet. If it’s dry…it’s there for good! This can be good and bad. It’s permanent. You can do anything with Mod Podge. I literally (as of last month) buy it by the gallon. Seriously!

Step One: Mod Podge

Begin by holding your 2 oz container in one hand and pour Mod Podge into it with your other hand. You want to fill the cup up to a little less than 1/2 full.

Step Two: Glitter

Now you are going to add the glitter. Pour a little in at a time. I would cover the Mod Podge completely. Pour in about 1/2 the amount of Mod Podge. You will be adding more.

Final Step of making your own glitter medium: Stir

Once the glitter is on top of the Mod Podge, you want to grab your paint brush that you will be using for your project and stir, stir, stir. I like to use the same paint brush because then there’s less clean up, but you can use a popsicle stick or another sort of stirring device.

You want to stir until it is evenly mixed. More than likely, you will want to add more glitter. Go ahead and do so. Then stir again until its evenly mixed and to the consistency which is similar to paint. I like to start with small amounts of glitter because you can always add more. You are limited to the size of your container so you might not be able to add more Mod Podge in the end if you got too much glitter. Make sense?

Storage & containers:

Depending on the type of container you have chosen to mix your glitter medium will determine how long it will last. If you use these containers, the glitter medium lasts about 1-2 weeks before it starts thickening up and drying out. (so use it quickly!) I have switched to using these containers and I haven’t had any problems with it drying out before I use it all up.

Apply glitter medium to your project

Now that you have your glitter medium mixed, it’s the funnest time of all…applying it to your project! You are going to paint it on in the desired location, using the paint brush that you mixed it with.

There are a few different ways to apply it. I like to apply it good and thick. Do this by globbing a bunch on and then smoothing it out with your paint brush. Make it nice and smooth so your area of interest is evenly coated. **NOTE** your glitter medium will be lighter than than the color of your glitter because of the white Mod Podge. The Mod Podge will dry clear so have no fear, your glitter will look like it originally did once it dries. Whew!

Another way to apply glitter medium, is by brushing it on lightly. This technique will get it on there, but won’t cover all the area completely.

Once the glitter medium is on your project, you want to let it dry lying flat. Make sure it is dry before you stand it up. It would be horrible to get to this point and have the glitter medium run down the front of your project.

Check out these great projects that I have used this glitter medium on:

By following these 3 simple steps you can now get the glitter finish you desire, with out the loss of any glitter! I find that glitter just adds the finishing touch that you sometimes need!

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