St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Craft Event 2024

Spring is in the air! It is time for our St. Patrick’s Day and Easter craft event. Join us and make one of our beautiful Spring craft decorations for your home.

Craft night will be:
Friday March 1, 2024

At the U.S. Novelty Warehouse:
175 W. Stratford Avenue
S.L.C. Ut, 84115

Orders due by midnight Friday February 23rd

You can place your order using the button above or email me.
Questions and orders:
**Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

(Shipping is available for an additional cost)

***Step-by-step instructions included with each craft***

**PLEASE NOTE** due to the increasing cost of lumber, {one of our main products we use} we have had to adjusted our pricing.

#1. Boho Rainbow with pot of gold $20

Have you ever wanted to follow the rainbow to the pot of gold at the end? As a child I always wanted to just drive a little further to get there. Oh sweet juvenile thoughts! Let me help you get to the end of the rainbow! This adorable rainbow stands on it’s own and even comes with a tiny pot of gold!

Rainbow measures approx 6″x5″. Pot is filled with Rolos.

What you do: Paint the rainbow white, apply vinyl stencil and paint the rainbow.
Estimated time to complete: 60+ minutes.
Skill level : Intermediate

#2. March 17th circle plaque $25

OMG!! I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out!! It just may be my favorite of all the kits. I love the uniqueness of the circle shape. It’s not very often you see circle shaped signs, but I feel we will be seeing more of these in the future.

Sign measures approx. 12″ in diameter. This sign can be hung or propped up in your display.

What you do: paint the circle white, apply vinyl, paint the shamrock and lettering, then string the beads and attach the twine.
Estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours
Skill level: Intermediate-advanced

#3. Measuring cups/spoons labels and hooks $10

My children have started baking and they are always asking me where the measuring cups are and which measuring spoon is which. So, I solved that problem by labeling them! It has made all the difference. Organize your measuring cups and spoons with these take home vinyl labels and adhesive hooks.

Labels include: for your measuring cups (1 Cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup) and your measuring spoons (1Tbsp, 1tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp) along with these 8 adhesive back hooks.

What you do: customize the placement to your space, apply the vinyl labels and peel and stick the hooks.
Estimated time to complete: 15+ minutes (take home)
Skill level : Beginner-Intermediate

#4. Cleaning bottles $20

Is your cleaning cabinet a jumble of cleaning bottles? Mine sure is! Organize your cleaning cupboard with these gorgeously labeled 16oz spray bottles. Customize it to your home by adding your favorite cleaning products in each bottle. (Cleaning products not included)

What you do: apply labels to bottles using vinyl decals. Fill with your favorite cleaning products.
Estimated time to complete: 15+ minutes
Skill level: Beginner

#5. Polka-dot bunny $12

These cute little bunnies are a great addition to your Easter table or décor. They can stand alone or you can toss them into an Easter basket. They would even look great as place setting markers on your Easter table.

Bunny measures approx. 3.5″x7.5″

What you do: Paint the bunny, apply the polka dot stencil, paint the polka dots, tie twine and and tag around the neck.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/-45 minutes
Skill level : Beginner-intermediate

#6. Spring blossoms $12 (vase not included)

*If you want a vase or mason jar, add $5

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? This bouquet of spring blossoms will bring the feel of spring into your home. With it’s simple design and bit of color, you can transform your mantle or table in no time.

What you do: Hot glue the blossoms onto the Birch twigs, arrange in a mason jar or vase(not included), add ribbon if you choose, and display on your mantle or table.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/-45 minutes
Skill level : Beginner-intermediate

#7. Robin’s Egg Wreath $25

(Talk to me if you are interested in the Welcome sign as well)

This beautiful wreath is made from grapevine branches and robin’s eggs. It is perfect for your spring door or to hang in your home.

Wreath measures approx. 10″ and is hung by grosgrain ribbon.

What you do: Shape the grapevine wreath, hot glue the eggs into place, and hang with ribbon.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/-20 minutes
Skill level : Beginner-intermediate

#8. Decorative Bunny Bread/Cheese Board (Not made for cutting on) $20

What a fun way to display your goodies at Easter! Makes for a great gift or display for your guests at Easter brunch. Can also double as a decoration in your décor.

This bunny measures 11″x12.5″. Once the paint and stain is cured, it is food safe. Hand wash only with light water and soap. Do not submerge in water. Dry immediately after washing.

What you do: Paint and sand/stain the bunny, attach butter knife to it using twine.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/-90 minutes
Skill level : Beginner-intermediate

So there you have it! All the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter craft event fun we will be having. I hope you can make it!

Let’s make this the best holiday yet,

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