How to plan your craft year

It’s the start of a new year and everyone loves to start planning to get ahead. Have you ever thought about planning your craft year? What does that even mean? Let me tell ya! It means to take time to think about the holidays you want to craft for and the new crafts you want to create, and then make plan to do it. I’m going to give you my special tips on how to plan your craft year.

I love working from handwritten lists so we are going to start with a list.

Making your “craft year” list

Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed for 15 minutes. Early in the morning, late at night, during nap time, waiting in the carpool line, on your lunch break, whenever works best for you. Have your calendar, your planner, your phone, your computer, or a scratch piece of paper available for these 15 minutes, whatever works best for you to make plans. You are going to make 3 lists to start with, and then work from those lists

Make a list of the holidays that you like to decorate for, their dates, and how many crafts you want to make.
Make a list of any gifts you would like to make for others and the date they are needed
Make a list of any crafts you’ve been wanting to make

Prioritize your list

Now that you have your lists go back through and prioritize them. Put a 1 in front of the most important, a 2 in front of the next, and so on. Continue until you feel good about what you have. Prioritizing your craft list will make it easier to know which crafts you need to get done first to make sure it fits in your budget.

I love crafting and so much that I always make it a priority. I will usually make a craft or two every holiday, but I wanted to include this step incase you need to stick to a budget.

Plug your crafting dates into your calendar

Holiday crafts

Here is the timeline I like to use when planning my holiday crafts:

  • 8 weeks (approx. 2 months) before= brainstorm ideas
  • 7 weeks before= narrow down and finalize the craft(s) to make, find tutorial, make supply list
  • 6 weeks before= purchase supplies
  • 5 weeks before= begin making your craft
  • 4 weeks before= decorate your home with your new craft(s) and decorations and enjoy for 1 month!
  • 1-3 days after the holiday, un-decorate your home and carefully place in storage until next year. (I make a few exceptions on this…4th of July stays up most of the summer and Christmas stays up until the New Year)

Gifting crafts

Here is the timeline I like to use when I am planning my gifting crafts: (Christmas gifts, I follow the previous timeline)

  • 4 weeks before= brainstorm ideas
  • 3 weeks before= narrow down and finalize craft gift, find tutorial, make supply list
  • 2 weeks before= purchase supplies
  • 1 week before= begin making your craft. If it is an intense one you can start as soon as you have the supplies.
  • 1-2 days before= beautifully wrap the gift(or not) and tie it with a coordinating bow.

Just because I want to crafts

Here is the timeline I like to use when planning my “just because I want to” crafts:

  • See/have an idea and immediately run to the store to get supplies. Forget about making dinner and cleaning the house, just create before the inspiration leaves!

That’s pretty much how I roll sometimes when inspiration hits. But I would suggest that following either of the plans above will give you ample enough time to get your craft planned and ready to make, while also being able to still make dinner and clean the house. Your family will love you for following a well planned craft session, trust me!

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by!

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