Halloween Craft Night 2023

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I love Halloween, and I love decorating for it! Join me for craft night to get yourself some new spooky fun decorations!

Craft night will be:
Friday October 6, 2023

Orders due by midnight Friday September 29th

You can place your order using the button above.
Questions: Brandee@fourtheastcraftco.com
**Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

(Shipping is available for an additional cost)

***Step-by-step instructions included with each craft***

**PLEASE NOTE** due to the increasing cost of lumber, {one of our main products we use} we have had to adjusted our pricing.

#1. Farmhouse style frames

Get the classic farmhouse style with one of our charming farmhouse frames. This is always my favorite as well as my crafties!
These frames can stand alone or be hung. They are a classy way to bring a POP of color, a bit of humor, or a little SPOOK to any room. The size options are perfect and they make them so versatile. They can be displayed just about anywhere! Grab one for yourself today and bring some of that classic farmhouse style to your home.

What you do: You paint, sand, and stain the frame. Assemble and glitterize your print (add $1) if you desire.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/- 45minutes depending on how much you need to glitterize.
Skill level : Intermediate

**When ordering, include all 4 pieces of information, please**

Step 1: Choose your size

5×5: $13 ea. (3 for $30)
8×8: $15 ea. (3 for $40)

Step 2: Choose your color of frame

There are 6 colors of paint and 4 colors of stain to choose from.

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Purple
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Black and White stripes
  7. Ebony stain
  8. Jacobean stain
  9. Provincial stain
  10. Dark Walnut stain (not shown)

Step 3: Choose your print

Available in 9 fun different prints:

  1. There’s no place like home
  2. I’ll get you my pretties
  3. Shake Shake Shake Senora
  4. Beetlejuice
  5. Never trust the living
  7. Wicked vibes only
  8. Cobwebs
  9. Happy as a witch

Step 4: choose glitter color (Optional)

Glitter is an easy way to add a little sparkle and color to your farmhouse frame(s). It’s easy to apply; just paint it on. Glitter must be applied at craft night, if you want to take it with you, it is an additional $1 charge.

I have a bunch of color options. I will bring all of them and you can choose when you are there.

#2. Wicked Witch Legs $5

These mini witch legs will enhance any of your farmhouse frames. They are a perfect match for your Wizard of Oz prints or any Halloween frame, really. They such a simple little accent that packs a big bang!

Measures approx. 2-3″ in length

What you do: Glue fabric on dowel, glue dowel in shoe, glitterize shoe.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 30+mins. (gotta account for dry time)
Skill level : Intermediate

#3. Breast cancer awareness skeleton, Skelly $10

October is breast cancer awareness month! Lets bring awareness to breast cancer while also decorating for Halloween at the same time! This decoration, Skelly, is so unconventional and fun! She will definitely be remembered by all who see her.

Skelly measures approx. 16″ tall and has movable and posable joints. She is definitely a must have this October!

What you do: Glue the rhinestones into place.
Estimated time to complete: 20+ minutes.
Skill level : Beginner

#4. Hocus Pocus besoms display $20

If you love HOCUS POCUS, then this is a must have! This unique interchangeable plaque display has a sturdy base that the besom plaques fit right into. The smaller size makes it possible to be displayed just about anywhere. Looks great on a mantle, entry way table, or any shelf visible to guests. his is great because you can interchange the little plaques to display the besoms in “WITCH”ever order you wish.

measures approx. 10×7 and is ~4″deep

What you do: Paint the base and small plaques. Apply vinyl stencil and paint stencils. Sand and antique the base and plaques.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 45-60minutes
Skill level: Intermediate

#5. Halloween TIC-TAC-TOE $25

A sooky take on a classic game! This handmade, 10 piece, TIC-TAC-TOE board game is sure to entertain any crowd, in any setting. Save the pens and paper, and play this game over and over again. When not in use, it doubles as a incredibly unique decoration for Halloween. Each wooden piece measures approx. 3″ and is a perfect size for any fingers wishing to play. Great for all ages.

Get the party stared right with this spooky styled TIC-TAC-TOE board game, and watch your loved ones strategize and conquer to the “DEATH” at any social gathering.

Measures approx. 13.5″X13.5″ and .75″ thick with .25 lip on the sides.
Game pieces: 5 skulls approx 3×3
5 cross bones approx 3×2.5

What you do: Paint the board and game pieces. Sand and stain the board and game pieces. PLAY PLAY PLAY!
Estimated time to complete: approx. 1-2 hours (gotta account for the dry time)
HOMEWORK: If your pieces are too dark for your liking, you need to sand them down a few days later.
Skill level : Beginner-Intermediate

#6. Wood tray with glass jars $35

This beautiful handmade wooden tray fits 6 short, squatty glass jars perfectly. This unique tray works perfect as a centerpiece to beautify your dinning table and welcome your guests. It can also be displayed on an entryway table or handsomely placed on your mantle.

This item is the tray and glass jars only. The fillers seen in photos are not included

Measures approx. 24.5″ in length x 5″ wide and 2″ tall (not including the jars) (with jars, about 5″tall)

What you do: Paint the jars white (optional), paint the tray black (or color of your choice). Sand and stain tray, place jars in tray.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/-45 minutes
Skill level : Beginner-intermediate

So there you have it! All the Halloween fun we will be having at our craft night. I hope you can make it!

Let’s make this the best Halloween yet,

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