How did I become so creative?

One of the first questions people ask me, is “How are you so creative?” This can be a difficult question to truly answer. I don’t want to say “I don’t know”, but I also can not pin point just one moment in time where all of a sudden I was crafty. I will share a few experiences in my life where I strongly remember having a creative desire.

Young childhood

I have a very creative mother. When I was young she was always good at doing fun creative things with us (me and my sister). She would have fun projects or games we would play and I would last for hours, while she would have to find other things to entertain my sister (she was never as excited about arts and crafts as I was). At least my sweet Mom knew that one child would be kept busy with these creative things so she could focus on the other. On a side note, it is so hard to be a Mom and keep multiple children happy all at the same time. To this day, my Mom will tell anyone she meets how I would just create for hours when I was a child.

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3rd grade

When I was in the 3rd grade, my teacher would do coloring contests. Now as an adult, I can see, this was to keep kids on task and busy so she could do other teacher stuff, but as a child, I thought this was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Mostly, because I could show off my coloring abilities.

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We were given a certain about of time to finish the coloring page and when the time was over, she would have the class vote which one they liked best. Can you guess who won 95% of the time?….yep! It was me! WOW did this boost my confidence! Good thing because at the time I was in resource for reading. I was a very slow reader and wasn’t very good at it. Who cared about reading when you could win the coloring contest almost every time?!

Later in the year, my teacher had me make a bunch of little sheep for her grandchild’s nursery. I felt so special.

5th grade

When I was in the 5th grade, I would bring my own markers to school. I had an extensive collection in a special tote and I knew what each color was! We would color in class and before I knew it, I had a crowd circling my desk. Everyone, leaning in to watch me color. Even the teacher would come and watch. I loved coloring and I loved that people thought it was so intriguing to watch.

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High school

In high school, I discovered scrapbooking. This was before scrapbooking hit it’s big bang where there were scrapbooking stores on every corner, dedicated to everything scrapbooking. Here I sat with my construction paper, scissors, glue stick, stickers, and Crayola markers. (if you are/were a scrapbooker, you are probably cringing right now). I loved it!

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(Read more about my high school experience and scrapbooking discovery in this post link coming soon.)


In college, I had a great roommate that liked to be creative. I was still creative but not as often as before. She brought me back to creativity. She always wanted to make fun things. We loved going to the dollar store and getting supplies to make make gifts for our friends. It was so fun and we learned lots of new crafty things. We even sewed our family members pajama pants for Christmas that year (we had no idea what we were doing and I just know, those pants were worn maybe once). It’s the thought that counts right?!

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So, how did I become so creative?

That is still a great question! Maybe I was born creative? Maybe I was taught by some great examples? Maybe I choose to be creative? Maybe I had multiple opportunities to explore creativity? Whatever reason, it is me and I love it! I have found that being creative opens a part of me that I just thrive on! I am always thinking and looking for new ways to be creative and share it with others. Hopefully you can find your creative bone and I can be there to help you!

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