Oversized carrot porch sign (DIY build)

Easter is one of the holidays that my family and love to decorate for! It seems that every year I make some sort of new carrot decoration. Funny right?! Well this year, I made this oversized carrot porch sign. Keep reading to see how I did it.

First you will need to gather your supplies:


Step 1: Draw your pattern for your oversized carrot porch sign

Draw your carrot pattern on your 1×12. I free handed 1 side and then got technical and measured out the second side so it would be symmetrical. Do this how ever you would like.

Step 2: Cut out your oversized carrot porch sign

Now that you have your pattern drawn on your board, you are going to cut it out using your jig saw. Begin by clamping your board to your work surface. Carefully begin cutting out your pattern along the lines you have drawn. You man need to make several cuts to get it all cut out.

Step 3: Sand the edges of your oversized carrot porch sign

For this part I like to use my belt sander. You definitely can just use a palm sander, it just takes a lot longer and more elbow grease. First I sanded the sides that I just cut along the drawn pattern. I do this to smooth out the sides so it doesn’t look so choppy from the cuts the jig saw made.

Next, I turn the wood up and sand the edges (where the sides and front come together). I do this very roughly so it gives it an antiqued look. Kind of like the lumpy edges of a carrot.

Step 4: Making your oversized carrot porch sign look realistic

Great! Your wood board is quickly beginning to look like a carrot. This next part totally made the carrot! You are going to sand grooves or lines into the front of the carrot. I did this using my belt sander ( I love that thing!) but you can do the same thing using the edge of your palm sander.

While holding up my carrot at the top edge of the belt sander and ran it from one edge of the carrot to about the center or around there. I repeated this every 6-8 inches about along one side of the carrot and then I repeated it on the other side. Each groove is unique in the depth and length. You don’t want them all the same otherwise it will look too uniform.

Once you have the grooves all sanded onto the front of the carrot, brush all the sawdust off and you are ready to DIY finish your oversized carrot sign!

That’s how you Brand it!

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