Valentine and St Patrick’s “Gal”entine’s craft night 2023

Craft night will be:
Friday February 3, 2023

Orders due by midnight Friday January 27th

You can place your order using the button above or the QR code at the end of the post.
**Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

(Shipping is available for an additional cost)

***Step-by-step instructions included with each craft***

**PLEASE NOTE** due to the increasing cost of lumber, {one of our main products we use} we have had to adjusted our pricing.

#1. Farmhouse style frames

Definitely a favorite of mine….and a super simple way to change up any décor and celebrate the season! It is a classy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These signs also make great gifts!!

What you do: You paint the frame, assemble and you glitterize your print (add $1) if you desire.
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/- 45minutes depending on how much you need to glitterize.
Skill level : Intermediate

**When ordering, include all 4 pieces of information, please**

Step 1: Choose your size

5×5: $13 ea. (3 for $30)
8×8: $15 ea. (3 for $40)
8×4.5: $13 ea. (only available with certain prints)

Step 2: Choose your color of frame

There are 3 colors of paint and 4 colors of stain to choose from.

  1. White with Ebony stain
  2. Red
  3. Ebony
  4. Provincial stain
  5. Light pink
  6. Dark pink
  7. Dark Green
  8. Avocado
  9. White with Ebony stain (same as #1)
  10. White with dark green overlay
  11. Provincial stain (same as #4)
  12. Jacobean stain
  13. Ebony stain

Step 3: Choose your print

Available in 15 fun different prints:

  1. Be mine (Rose gold glitter shown)– available in 8×4.5″
  2. Love is sweet– available in 8×4.5″
  3. Love with hearts (red glitter shown)
  4. Love you more with heart
  5. My perfect match
  6. You’re still the one
  7. Made with love
  8. Kissing booth
  9. I <3 you
  10. Happy St Patrick’s Day– available in 8×4.5″
  11. Happy go Lucky (Gold, Green, Blue, and Purple glitter shown)
  12. Heart with shamrock (Green glitter shown)
  13. Lucky Charm (Green glitter shown)
  14. IRISH-ish
  15. March 17

Step 4: choose glitter color (Optional)

Glitter is an easy way to add a little sparkle and color to your farmhouse frame(s). It’s easy to apply; just paint it on. Glitter must be applied at craft night, if you want to take it with you, it is an additional $2 charge.

I have several color options, I will bring them all and you can decide what you want there.

  1. Red
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. and many more!

#2. Wood bead XO XO Valentine garland 36″ $20

Measures approx. 36″

What you do: String the beads on your twine, tie off and add accessory ribbons.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 15mins.
Skill level : Easy Peezy!

#3. XO wood block letters

($20 light pink)
($25 dark pink glitter)

These XO block letters are such an adorable addition to any Valentine décor or can stand alone! They are so fun and because they are a small size they fit perfectly just about anywhere! The sleek design of the light pink are great if you don’t love glitter, but you know me! I love glitter so of course, I had to have glitter available as an option too.

Each letter measures approx. 6″x6″

When ordering, please specify which finish you want

What you do: Paint and stain the light pink. Paint and glitterize the dark pink. 
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/- 60 minutes.
Skill level : Beginner

#4. Framed wood plank sign

($25 for Mossy shamrock)
($25 for Rosette heart)

Measures approx. 9×9″ and can stand on it’s own.

What you do: Paint the planks, stain everything for both. Roll the paper flowers and glue into place on the heart. Cut out and peel and stick the shamrock.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 1-2 hours—Dry time.
Skill level : Beginning-Intermediate

#5. Ombre Shamrock $25

It is so hard to find great St. Patrick’s Day décor. I have searched and looked everywhere and all I have ever found is cheapy plastic or paper decorations…not to mention, not the style I’m going for. So I have been working on making my own over the years. This is definitely a keeper!

Measures approx. 11×11″ and can stand on it’s own.

What you do: Paint the planks, stain everything, apply scrapbook paper, and glitterize.
Estimated time to complete: approx.2-3 hours– dry time
Skill level : Intermediate-advanced

#6. Cake stand or pedestal $35

I love having cookies, cakes and treats around Valentine’s day! In fact, I do have 6 children which means they all have a birthday cake when it’s their birthday. I love my cake stand! I use it for all the birthday cakes here and I even use it for decoration around my home (I may have more than one!)

Measures approx. 10″x6″

What you do: Paint the color of your choice, sand and stain.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 60+ minutes
Skill level : Beginner

#7. Porch sign $40ea. or $55 for double sided

Measures approx. 12″x48

What you do: Paint image on using stencil. 
Estimated time to complete: approx. +/- 90 minutes.
Skill level : Intermediate

Available in 2 different styles:

  1. Home with heart
  2. 5 Ombre shamrocks

#8. Seasonal wreath welcome sign 24×40″

Sign and 20″ red holiday wreath $75
Sign only $60

What you do: assemble everything.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 30+ minutes
Skill level: Intermediate-advanced

Let’s do this!

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