Mini haunted village tutorial Part 2

I have already shown you how to get things prepped for this mini haunted village, now it’s time to finish them! Click here if you missed that post.

Let’s get started with the supplies you’re gonna need today:


Step 1: Painting your mini haunted village houses

First, you need to decide which house(s) you want painted white and which house(s) you want to paint black.

Use the sponge brush and paint 1-2 thin coats of white paint on the house(s) you want white. (I started by painting all of my houses black and then decided to paint one white so that is why I am painting white over the black in these photos)

This is how I paint all of my projects: Quick dry painting technique.

Now do the same for the houses you want black. Paint 1-2 coats of black paint.

Step 2: Apply vinyl stencils to your mini haunted village house(s)

Decide the location where you want your windows and doors to go on your houses.

Begin to peel back the paper backing of your stencil.

Place the vinyl stencil in place and press firmly all over the stencil to get it to stick good.

Carefully peel the transfer tape off of your stencil. After the transfer tape is removed, press firmly on the stencil again, especially at the edges of the vinyl to make sure it has adhered properly.

Step 3: Painting your stencil(s)

When you know the vinyl stencil is good and stuck to your board, paint a thin layer of the same color of paint as the house. Wait!…did I just say the same color??? Yep! You heard me right, same color. This will help to make sure when you paint your stencil with the final color, it won’t bleed under the stencil. You will end up with cleaner lines and edges.
Do this for both the white and black houses and then let them dry.

After they have dried, you are going to paint the stencil with the the opposite color of paint as the house, or the yellow. Remember to paint in thin coats so that it will dry faster.

Step 4: Glitterizing your mini haunted village house(s) (Optional)

Before you remove the stencil, you want to paint the glitter on your stencil in the places you choose.

Here’s what I glitterized on my houses:
White house with black paint- the 2 bats have black glitter medium

Black house with white paint- the bat has silver glitter medium

Black house with yellow paint- everything yellow has yellow glitter medium

After you paint the glitter medium on your stencil, you want to remove the stencil before it dries.

Make any touch ups you may need to.

Step 5: attaching your roofs to your mini haunted village houses

Grab a house and a thinner rooftop, lay the metal on one side of the roof of the house and bend the meta over the pitch of the roof. This will give you an idea of where you want to fold the metal.

Take the metal off the house and fold in half so you can get a stronger fold.

Measure it against the house and make sure it matches up alright.

Center the metal to the house. I had equal overhang in the back as I did the front. Use the staple gun to staple the roof to the house. I did 2 staples on each side.

Repeat this with the other roof pitched roof and the slant rooftop. For that one, all you need to do is center it to the house and staple it into place.

To make my houses look a little more worn and weathered, I took a hammer to them once they were assembled. I also used my needle nose pliers to kind of curl and round the corners of the roofs so they weren’t so dangerous.

When you have the roofs in place, you are done! Display them freely and enjoy them!

Get your mini haunted village cut file here.
Happy Craftober!!

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