Ghosts and Goblins Haunting night plaque tutorial

It’s getting closer and closer to the haunting night! Today I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to make this wishing you a haunting night plaque.

Let’s get started with the supplies you’re gonna need:


Step 1: Painting your board

Paint the front and sides of your board white. I used a mini paint roller because I was painting multiple things at the same time, but you can use a sponge brush if that’s all you’ve got.

I rolled on about 2 coats of paint. Just make sure your board is coated well.

This is how I paint all of my projects: Quick dry painting technique even if I’m using a mini foam roller.

Set aside to dry completely before moving on.

Step 2: Sand and stain your board

You are going to sand the surface of your board as well as the sides.

When your board has been sanded to your liking, you are going to stain it everywhere. I even stained the back of mine but that is optional.

This is how I stain all my projects.

Wipe off all the excess stain.

After you have stained your board, let it sit for at least 24 hours. I like to wait about 48 hours to be safe. Otherwise, your vinyl stencil will not hold in place very well.

***TIP*** after staining, if your board is too dark, you can go over it with some sand paper and it will remove a little of the stain revealing the bright white paint.

If you haven’t already cut your vinyl stencil do so while you are waiting for your stain to dry.

Step 3: Prepping your board for the vinyl stencil

Now that your board has dried, you want to wipe it down with a damp cloth to make sure the surface is clean and free of dust or dirt. Let it air dry.

Step 4: Applying your vinyl stencil

Now that the front surface is clean, lay out your vinyl and make sure you know how you are going to place it on your board.

When you know the placement, begin to peel the paper backing off the stencil.

Carefully lay it on your board and line it up so that it is in the correct place. Press the stencil to the board firmly and rub over all surfaces of the stencil.

Press firmly over the entire stencil before removing the transfer tape. Carefully remove the transfer tape and make sure your stencil stays in place.

When you have removed the transfer tape, press firmly on the stencil again, especially at the edges, to make sure it sticks to the board.

Step 5: Painting your stencil

Carefully paint 1-2 thin coats of black paint using a light dabbing technique. Make sure the letters of the stencil are filled in.

Step 6: Glitterizing your Ghosts and Goblins haunting night plaque (Optional)

Choose the color(s) of glitter you are going to use and the placement where you want it.

Use a small bristle paint brush and begin painting the letters with the glitter medium. You want to work fast on this part because you don’t want the glitter to dry before you pull off the stencil.

If you need to, start peeling the stencil off between painting the different colors of the glitter medium.

Don’t forget to remove the little spaces inside the letters too. And finish painting the glitter medium.

Step 7: Remove stencil and make any touch ups

After you have painted the glitter medium, carefully remove the vinyl stencil.
***TIP*** it is very important that you remove the stencil before the glitter medium dries otherwise it could pull the glitter off your project.

Make any touch-ups you may need.

***TIP*** using the tip a an X-acto knife, you can scrape off any paint that may have bled under the stencil.

When you have touched up everything you need to, let your plaque sit for at least 15 minutes before standing up to display.

Get your Ghosts and Goblins haunting night cut file here!

Happy Craftober!!

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