Ribbon dangle tutorial (for witch broomstick porch sign)

I shown you how to make one of these super cute witch broomstick porch signs, so now I’m gonna show you how to accessorize it with this darling ribbon dangle!

Let’s get started with the supplies you’re gonna need:


Step 1: Decide placement for ribbon dangle

Grab your broomstick sign and lets decide where you want the dangle to hang from. I chose a place that was close to where I would hold it, but not at the very top. Carefully and firmly, twist the eye hook in. Twist it all the way in so it’s held into place tight.

Step 2: Measuring and cutting the ribbon

Now that you know where your ribbon dangle will hang from, lets cut the ribbons.

Using 1 thin piece of ribbon, pull out a long piece and fold it in half. (do not cut yet) Hold the folded part at the eye hook level and see if you like the length. My ribbon measured 29″. If you like the length, cut it.

Use the ribbon you just cut as your measuring guide for all the other ribbons. I know it is tempting to cut all the ribbons at once, but refrain from doing this or all of your ribbons will be the exact same length–which you do NOT want. Cut 1 ribbon at a time and don’t cut them the exact same length as the sample. This will give a more attractive look to your dangle.

Cut all your ribbons.

Step 3: Assembling your ribbon dangle

Lay all of your ribbons on top of each other on your work surface. Find the center of the ribbons (or close to it) now move to one side about 1 inch. Pinch the ribbon together.

Thread the wire under your ribbons at the level where you have pinched it together.

Wrap the wire around the ribbons as tight as you can and twist the excess wires together to secure it around the ribbons. Repeat if necessary. (I used thinner wire and broke my wire when I twisted it so don’t use thin wire)

Do NOT trim off the excess wire.

Step 4: Hooking your dangle to your sign

Using the excess wire, you are going to thread it through the eye hook and then twist the wire around itself securing the ribbon dangle to the eye hook.

Adjust the ribbons so they cover the eye hook and they hang at a way that you like.

Go place it on your porch, stand back and enjoy looking at it!

Happy Craftober!!

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