Trick-or-treat wood block garland tutorial

**Includes free cut file!

Today I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to make this unique trick-or-treat garland.

Let’s get started with the supplies you’re gonna need:


Step 1: Prepping your blocks for paint.

When you have all 12 wood blocks cut, make sure there are no rough edges. If there is sand them down. You want to drill your blocks before painting them. Learn from my mistake! I painted my blocks first and then had to re-paint them after I drilled them.

Drill a small hole through the center of all the blocks. (On the skinny side) This will help your holes be easier to drill and more straight.

Now repeat drilling the holes, except this time use the 1/4″ drill bit. You are just going to re-drill the hole you just drilled with the small drill bit.

Once you have them all drilled ,brush off all of the sawdust so you can now paint them.

Step 2: Painting your blocks

Paint all of your blocks black. Paint 2-3 thin coats depending on the coverage you want. I did 2 coats.

This is how I paint all of my projects: Quick dry painting technique

Step 2: Applying your vinyl stencil

When your blocks have dried COMPLETELY, wipe off the front surface and make sure it is clean. Lay out your vinyl and make sure you have all your blocks.

Peel the paper backing off your stencil and place it on the center of your block.

Press firmly over the entire stencil before removing the transfer tape. Carefully remove the transfer tape and make sure your stencil stays in place.

After the transfer tape is removed, press firmly on the stencil again, especially at the edges of the vinyl to make sure it has adhered properly. Repeat for every block.

Step 3: Painting your stencil on the blocks

When you know the vinyl stencil is good and stuck to your board, paint a thin layer of black paint. Wait!…did I just say black??? Yep! You heard me right, black. This will help to make sure when you paint your stencil with the white, it won’t bleed under the stencil. You will end up with cleaner lines and edges.

Once the black paint has dried, paint 1-2 coats of white cover the letters and square outline completely.

Step 4: Remove stencil and make any touch ups

When your white is painted, carefully remove the vinyl stencil.

Step 5: Assembling your garland

Begin by threading your rope through the “T” or “TRICK”. Leave enough rope at the beginning of the “T” so you can tie it off when you are done, but make sure you have plenty enough rope on the other side of the “T” so you can thread all the other letters.

After you have thread the “T” tie a knot in the rope after the “T”. This will be used as a spacer between your “T” and “R” blocks.

Repeat for all letters of “TRICK” and then tie a second knot after the “K” with a little space between the two.

Thread the “O” and “R” blocks the same as you did for the “TRICK” blocks. Tie two knots after the “R” block like you did between the “TRICK” and “OR” blocks.

Finish threading and tying knots between the rest of the blocks.

Tie a knot at each end of your garland.

Step 6: Accessorizing your TRICK-OR-TREAT block garland

Cut a short piece of orange sheer ribbon and tie on the rope between the two knots that separate the words.

After you tie on the sheer ribbon, you are all done and can display on your mantle or wherever you choose.

Collection of Halloween decorations

Get your TRICK-OR-TREAT stencil file here:

Happy Craftober!!


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