This is HALLOWEEN sign tutorial

**Includes free cut file!

Today I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to make one of these classic Halloween saying signs for yourself!

This is Halloween finished sign

Lets get started with the supplies you’re gonna need:


Step 1: Painting your board.

Begin by looking over your wood board to make sure there are no rough edges. If you find some, sand them down with some sand paper. Brush all the sawdust off. Using your choice of paint (black or white) and a sponge paint brush, paint the board. I usually do 2-3 thin coats.

This is how I paint all of my projects: Quick dry painting technique

This is Halloween sign tutorial

Step 2: Applying your vinyl stencil

Once your wood board has dried COMPLETELY, wipe off the surface and make sure it is clean. Before peeling the backing off your stencil, lay it out on your board and decide your desired placement. Peel the paper backing off your stencil and place on your board in the desired location.

Press firmly over the entire stencil before removing the transfer tape. Carefully remove the transfer tape and make sure your stencil stays in place.

After the transfer tape is removed, press firmly on the stencil again, especially at the edges of the vinyl to make sure it has adhered properly.

Step 3: Painting the design on your board using the vinyl stencil

When you know the vinyl stencil is good and stuck to your board, paint a layer of paint THE SAME COLOR AS YOUR BOARD. Wait!…did I just say the same color??? Yep! the same color. This will help to make sure when you paint your stencil with the opposite color it won’t bleed under the stencil. You will end up with cleaner lines and edges.

Once the white paint has dried, paint 2-3 coats of black to cover the letters completely.

This is Halloween sign tutorial painting black

…at this point you let your 5 year old daughter be the star of the show 🙂 look at her cute little hand on the right!

Step 4: Applying glitter medium

When your design is painted on and dry, but before you remove the vinyl stencil, use a fine paint brush and glitter medium to apply it to the areas of your design.

After applying the glitter medium, you want to be sure to remove the vinyl stencil as soon as you can, before it dries. If you wait until it dries, it could possible pull your glitter off 🙁

** I know you can’t see it very well, but there is black glitter on the letters**

When your sign is all dry, you can turn it over and paint the other side opposite. Then it will be double sided and you can flip it around to change up your décor!

Collection of Halloween decorations

Get your This is Halloween stencil file here:

This sign says it all!! Add this classic saying to any Halloween décor and you will be “killin’ it” with your friends and family!

Happy Craftober!!

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