St. Patrick’s craft Day 2022

Craft day will be:
Saturday February 26, 2022
@ US Novelty & Party
175 W Stratford Ave.
Salt Lake City, Ut 84115

Orders are due by Midnight,
Friday, February 18th.

You can email orders to: I will respond and repeat your order back to you to make sure there are no misunderstandings.
**Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

(Kits are always available for an additional cost)

“Craft is passionately creating something with your hands.”                  

– Sarah Chatterton.

St. Patrick’s Day is such a hard holiday to find decor for. If you have been crafting with us for a while, you should have a pretty good collection by now, but definitely can add to it with some of these great items. If you’re just starting to build your decor collection, you can’t go wrong with one of these!

***remember if you bring a new (ordering) friend you BOTH get 1 8×8 frame of your choice for FREE***

#1. Farmhouse style frames

Definitely a favorite of mine!! Of course, it wouldn’t be a craft day with out some super fun farmhouse frames! What a classy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These signs stand on their own.

What you do: Paint or stain your frame, cut your print, glitterize and assemble.
Estimated time to complete: each frame takes approx. +/- 45minutes depending on how much you need to glitterize.
Skill level : Intermediate

**When ordering, include all 4 pieces of information, please**

Step 1: Choose your size

5×5: $10 ea. or 3 for $25
8×8: $12 ea. or 3 for $30
8×4.5: $10 ea. or 3 for $25

Step 2: Choose your color of frame

There are 5 colors of paint and 3 colors of stain to choose from.

  1. Dark Green
  2. Avocado
  3. White with black
  4. White with green
  5. Leaf Green (shown below on “Get your green on” frame)
  6. Provincial stain
  7. Jacobean stain
  8. Ebony stain

Step 3: Choose your print

Available in 12 different prints: (available in 8×8 and 5×5 sizes only)

  1. Grungy Shamrock (Dark Green shown with Emerald Green glitter)
  2. May your troubles be less…. (Ebony shown with Emerald Green glitter)
  3. March 17 (White with green)
  4. Shake your Shamrocks (Dark Green)
  5. Lucky (White with Green)
  6. I feel Lucky (White with Black)
  7. IRISH-ish (Avocado)
  8. Stay Golden (Provincial with Gold over spray)
  9. Get your green on (Leaf Green)
  10. Lucky Vibes (Provincial with Emerald glitter)
  11. Heart with shamrock (Provincial stain with Emerald glitter)
  12. You are my lucky charm (Provincial with Emerald glitter)
Available in 2 different prints for 8×4.5 frames: (it is possible to do these prints in the other sized frames)
  1. March seventeenth
  2. IRISH-ish

Step 4: choose glitter color (Optional) add $1 per color

Glitter is an easy way to add a little sparkle and color to your farmhouse frame(s). It’s easy to apply; just paint it on. Glitter must be applied with-in 2 weeks or it will dry out.

Available in 14 different colors:

  1. Purple
  2. Lavender
  3. Silver
  4. Champagne
  5. Gold
  6. Rose Gold
  7. Dark Rose
  8. Iridescent Orange
  9. Copper
  10. Iridescent Yellow
  11. Azure Blue
  12. Turquoise
  13. Chunky Lime Green
  14. Emerald Green

#2. End of the Rainbow with black pot $10 (candy not included)

This directional sign is perfect to lead your guests right to a pot of gold! Sign measures approx. 12″x3.5″. The cute little black pot is plastic and stands on it’s own. You can fill it with what ever “gold” candies you desire (shown with Rolo’s). A perfect addition to any St. Patrick’s decor.

What you do: Sand the plank, paint design using a vinyl stencil.
Estimated time to complete: +/- 45 minutes
Skill level : Beginner

#3. St. Patrick’s Day burlap bunting $15

This bunting is so cute and festive! The flags are painted with green stripes and gold polka-dots. They are all strung together with an off white (with gold woven in). Bunting measures approx. 9ft long with approx. 13 flags.

What you do: Paint your flags and string together.
Estimated time to complete: 60+ minutes
Skill level : Intermediate

#4. Lucky Farm (w/glitter shamrock)Sign $45

This modern farmhouse St. Patrick’s Day sign is the perfect addition to your decor! And the green glittery shamrock brings some festive green color to your home. Sign measures approx. 36″x15″ made to hang.

What you do: paint the design using a vinyl stencil, glitterize the shamrock, and assemble.
Estimated time to complete: approx. 1-2 hours
Skill level: intermediate

#5. Boho Macrame Rainbow $48

OMG! I have wanted to make one of these for a while, but was super intimidated because I wasn’t sure how. Once I got started, I loved every minute of it! Although this is a time consuming craft, it is well worth every minute. It is so satisfying to look at it all finished and think “I did that”! You can get this satisfaction too! I’ll be with you every step of the way! …and its such a fun Spring decoration or a wall decoration for a children’s room. Rainbow measures approx. 16″x12″

What you do: Wrap ropes with various yarns and twine. Glue together and accessorize.
Estimated time to complete: 2-3 hours (definitely worth your time)
Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

Hopefully, as you’ve browsed our craft options you have found the perfect item you want to create and add to your collection. Join us for step by step instructions and help all along the way. Don’t let me forget to mention the fun social aspect of crafting together, Let’s do this!

Let’s create something great!

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