Birthday, Valentine’s, and winter crafts, 2022

Craft day will be:
Saturday January 29, 2022
between 10:00-12:00pm
Due to the increase in COVID numbers we are also offering kits.

We will be at the US Novelty Warehouse located at:
175 W Stratford Ave.
SLC Ut 84115

Orders are due by Midnight,
Friday, January 21st.

You can email orders to: I will respond and repeat your order back to you to make sure there are no misunderstandings.
**Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

(Shipping is available for an additional cost; added to total)

#1. Let’s celebrate! Donut board $25 (donuts not included)

Happy Birthday Fourth East Craft Co!! I can’t believe it has been 5 years. (if you count all the craft events I have been doing its definitely longer than 5 years, but we’ve had a “name” for 5 years) Anyway! What’s this donut board all about? Well for birthdays in my family, my Mom brings us donuts in morning! We usually crowd around the donut box and sing happy birthday. I thought it was well past time that we needed a funner, cuter way to do it!

The donut board measures approx. 14x17x2″

What you do: paint the board and the lettering using a vinyl stencil. Paint the pegs and insert them.
Estimated time to complete: +/-60 minutes
Skill level: Intermediate

#2. Farmhouse style frames

Definitely a favorite of mine!! Of course, it wouldn’t be a craft day with out some super fun farmhouse frames! What a classy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These signs stand on their own.

What you do: Sand, paint, stain frames. Glitterize if you want and them assemble. (add $1) if you want glitter.
Estimated time to complete: each frame takes approx +/- 60minutes
Skill level : Intermediate

**When ordering, include all 4 pieces of information, please**

–Step 1: Choose your size

5×5: $10 ea or 3 for $25
8×8: $12 ea or 3 for $30
8×4.5: $10 ea or 3 for $25

–Step 2: Choose your color of frame

There are 6 colors to choose from.

  1. Swiss Coffee (white)
  2. Tompt Red
  3. Eboy
  4. Provincial
  5. Fuchsia
  6. Royal Fuchsia (Dark pink)

–Step 3: Choose your print

Available in 10 different prints:

  1. I love you (Fuchsia)
  2. XOXO (Provincial)
  3. Be mine (Royal Fuchsia)
  4. Love you more. (Tompt red) ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  5. Heart with glitter polka-dots (Ebony frame. Red glitter included) ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  6. Love you most. (Swiss coffee) ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  7. Let’s get cozy ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  8. Kissing booth ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  9. Happy Birthday! ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5
  10. Made with love means… ONLY AVAILABLE IN 8X8 OR 5X5

–Step 4: choose glitter color (Optional) add $1 per color

Glitter is an easy way to add a little sparkle and color to your farmhouse frames. It’s easy to apply; just paint it on. Glitter must be applied with-in 2 weeks or it will dry out.

Available in 8 different colors:

  1. Purple
  2. Lavender
  3. Silver
  4. Champagne
  5. Gold
  6. Rose Gold
  7. Dark Rose
  8. Red

#3. XO Ship-lap frame 10×10 $25

Available in classic black metal letters or scripty gold metal letters. (Only 3 available of each)

This sign is so fun and classy! You can keep it basic black of give it a little flare with the scripty gold letters. This is a solid wood frame and can stand on it’s own or be hung, you decide. This is a great addition to any Valentine decor or makes a “love”ly gift. Black paint will be provided. You are welcome to use a different color available, if you choose, or bring your own.

What you do: Sand and paint the frame. Paint the backing. Assemble and adhere metal letters.
Estimated time to complete: 60+ minutes
Skill level : Intermediate

#4. Mini kissing booth $20

(hugs and kisses not included)

This is definitely a must have Valentine themed candy bowl! It’s a great way to hand out kisses! This little kit includes our basic 8×8 farmhouse frame on a candlestick/pedestal/riser thingy (whatever you want to call it); placed behind a beautiful white glass/ceramic 10oz bowl. The hugs and kisses candy are not included because there are so many different flavors and colors that I want to let you decide what your favorite is.

What you do: paint or stain the frame and stand, then assemble the frame.
Estimated time to complete: approx 30-60 minutes depending on dry time
Skill level: Beginner-intermediate

#5. Made with love Apron $10 adult or $8 child

My sister always says the secret ingredient is love! How can you not put LOVE in what you’re making when you have this gorgeous apron on? Available in adult’s and children’s size. These crisp white aprons have a rose gold foil applique that reads made with love. I use an apron EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and I realized all I have are boring black aprons. I’m so excited for this bright white change!! (although black is probably my most favorite color to wear)

What you do: Iron applique on.
Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes
Skill level: beginner (super easy if you know how to use an apron!)

#6. Beauty self care gift basket $35

Self care is a big thing these days!…and what better way to say “I love you” than to give a gift that says “you are important to me and I want you to take time for yourself. (let’s be honest! I want me to take care of me!)

Gift basket includes: (or individual items)

1 Metal basket measuring approx 7x7x5″ ($12)
1 Glass jar with bath salts approx 2x2x6″ ($5)
1 mini jar with 3-5 bath rose petals ($6)
1 heart shaped scented sachet measuring 6×6″ ($5)
2 silky sleep masks ($1 each)
1 makeup bag or pencil bag measuring approx 5x8x2″ ($5)

Sleep masks are available in 5 different designs:

  2. Pasture bedtime
  3. queen of naps
  4. sweet dreams
  5. #napaholic

What you do: iron on applique, fill bath salts, stuff heart sachet with stuffing and scent packet, choose rose petals to put in jar, sew hearts on make up bag or pencil bag and arrange in basket.
Estimated time to complete: +/- 60 minutes
Skill level: Intermediate-advanced

#7. Cookie decorating kit $40 (cookies, sprinkles, and toppings not included)

We like to make cookies for Valentine’s day and how fun is this little cookie decorating kit?! My kids just LOVE it! (and just want to dump and shake the toppings into their mouths)

Kit includes:

1 large 1/2 gallon glass cookie jar
4 3oz mini glass jars for toppings
5 4oz glass shaker jars
1 mini rolling pin
1 black spoon
1 tall wood stand
1 short wood stand

What you do: stain the wood stands (or paint) tie twine around the jars and spoon.
Estimated time to complete: 30-60 minutes
Skill level: Beginner

#8. Hot Cocoa Bar $40 (hot cocoa and toppings not included)

It’s never too late for hot cocoa!!

Oh, how I love a nice warm cup of hot cocoa in the mornings! (and my kids love it pretty much all day long!) I thought I’d make those cold winter snowy days just a little more fun with this totally awesome hot cocoa bar! Let me tell you…it was a hit!

I loved that all the kids could make it just they way they wanted while I sat back and watched and enjoyed my own hot cocoa.

Kit includes:

1 large 1/2 gallon glass jar
4 3oz mini glass jars for toppings
5 4oz glass shaker jars
1 black spoon
1 tall wood stand
1 short wood stand
1 Hot Cocoa Bar sign (available by itself for $5)

What you do: stain the wood stands (or paint) tie twine around the jars.
Estimated time to complete: 30-60 minutes
Skill level: Beginner

Now, I know there is a lot in here, but that’s what happens when my family gets COVID and we have to cancel craft events! There are so many fun crafts I had to leave out, but hopefully you have found something that strikes your fancy! Let us help you create some new memories with your family!

Together, let’s create something great!

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