Patriotic, 4th of July craft day; June 2020

It is finally time for my most favorite craft event of the year!! (I do love Christmas craft day too, but the sunshine just can’t be beat!) This will be an actual event so get ready for it!

Craft day will be:
Saturday June 13, 2020
We will be at a new location this time!
Address will be given when order confirmation is sent.
(about 5 blocks west of original location)
Orders are due by Midnight,
Friday, June 5th.

You can email orders to: I will respond and repeat your order back to you to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I got your order 😉

First things first!

We have selected a few of our favorite, classic crafts and added some new ones too! But first!!! Who doesn’t like a free craft?! Well, I have got one for you!

If you bring someone new with you, you will get to make (or take) a free craft home!! We love being creative so much that we want to share. We’ve shared with you and now it’s your turn to share with others!
Small wood plaques of various sizes and prints for you to choose from and embellish however you want!

Farmhouse frames!

Definitely a favorite of mine!! Of course, it wouldn’t be a craft day with out some super fun farmhouse frames!

Available in the original size 8×8 or the smaller size 5×5. If size is not specified, 8×8 will be provided. (print options shown after the 8×8 frames description) Shown with glitter, but glitter is optional.

#1a. Farmhouse style frames 5×5 $10 ea or 3 for $25

These are a mini version of our ever popular farmhouse signs. These are great for small homes, apartments, or dorm rooms. They also are great for tiered decor stands. These adorable little signs measure approx 5×5″ and stand on their own.

You: Paint and stain frame then glitterize the print if needed.
Time: each frame takes approx +/- 60minutes depending on how much you need to glitterize.
Skill level: Intermediate

#1b. Farmhouse style frames 8×8 $12 ea or 3 for $30

What a classy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These signs measure approx. 8×8 inches and stand on their own.

You: Paint and stain frame then glitterize the print if needed or desired.
Time: each frame takes approx +/- 60minutes depending on how much you need to glitterize.
Skill level: Intermediate

Available in 8 different prints: **please specify when placing your order**

  1. Rainbow America (all glitter)
  2. Patriotic popsicles (all glitter)
  3. Red White Blue (some glitter)
  4. Shake your Sparkler (some glitter)
  5. America 1776 (some glitter)
  6. Star (optional glitter)
  7. Made in the USA (some glitter)
  8. Stars (some glitter)

#2. 36″ Patriotic beaded garland $15

This garland is a great addition to any tiered tray, mantle, or patriotic decor. Made of solid wood beads, hand painted (by you) and strung on twine.
You: paint and assemble
Time: approx 60-90 minutes
Skill level: Beginner

#3. NO-SEW Patriotic gnomes (with posable arms & legs)

$15 each (unassembled-you assemble & accessorize) $40 for a set of 3
$25 each (assembled-you accessorize) $70 for a set of 3

Oh the bittersweetness of these adorable gnomes! They are time consuming but oh so worth it! That is why I am providing the option to have them already assembled for you.

They measure approx. 20″ tall when sitting. (including the tallest hat) Each is 5″ wide. When they are all sitting next to each other they span about 15″.
You stuff, assemble, and accessorize the gnome.
Time: approx +/-3 hours to complete 3 gnomes.
Skill level: advanced. (definitely extreme patience and hot glue gun skills required)

Available in 3 different options:

**please specify when placing your order** If you order 3, you will receive 1 of each unless you specify otherwise.

  1. Urbane
  2. Sprinkle
  3. Aiko

#4. Patriotic wooden crate with glass bottles $25 (Only 6 left)

This sturdy rustic wooden crate looks fabulous as a center piece on any table! I love the colors of the bottles with the red crate! It so festive. You can display as is or add your own flowers.

Crate measures: (approx.)

  • Length: 10.5″
  • Width: 3.75″
  • Height: 3.75″

Each bottle measures: (approx.)

  • Diameter: 2″
  • Opening diameter: 5/8″
  • Height: 7″

You: stain the crate red and sand it to antique it. Tie twine on each bottle and insert them in the crate.
Time: approx. 60-90 minutes
Skill level: Beginner- Easy Peezy!

#5. Patriotic wooden firecrackers $25

This set of 3 wooden firecrackers, measuring approx. 3x3x (6, 8, 11) inches, is a perfect centerpiece for any table! Also great for mantle decor. They are finished off each with a wire fuse and some baker’s twine is tied around one of your choice while stars are glued to another.
You: paint the wood pillars, sand, stain, and accessorize.
Time: approx 1-2 hours
Skill level: Intermediate- Advanced

#6. Decorative patriotic glass bottle set of 3 $25 (Only 5 left)

These 3 bottles are perfect for any center piece, or mantle decor. I love how vintage they look!

Each bottle measures: (approx.)

  • Diameter: 2.75″
  • Opening diameter: 0.75″
  • Height: 9″

You: paint, sand and accessorize the bottles.
Time: +/- 60 minutes
Skill level: beginner

#7. Tall vintage American flag $25

This classic vintage American flag is a great addition to any display! It can be made to hang or stand. It is a pretty simple sign to make. It measures approx. 10×30 in.
You: paint the design on the flag, sand and stain.
Time: appprox 60-90 minutes to complete.
Skill level: Beginner – intermediate.

#8. Let Freedom Ring America shaped sign $25

America, Land that I love! Where we have so many freedoms! This Let freedom ring, America shaped sign measures approx 16″x 12″. It can be made to hang or to be propped against something. (add $15 if you want it to be mounted to a pallet sign)

You: paint the design using a vinyl stencil, antique and stain.
Time: approx 60-90minutes
Skill level: Intermediate-advanced

#9. Americana wooden star $25

Wall hang, stand alone, or table sitter. I just love stars and couldn’t pass this one up! Can be displayed on the wall, standing on it’s own, or laying flat as a center piece on the table.
Measures approx: 18″W x 18″H x 3″D

You: paint the star and backing, sand and stain. Then assemble with help.
Time: 60-90 minutes
Skill level: beginner- intermediate

#10. Silverware caddy $25 (mason jars not included)

This totally awesome utensil caddy is such a fun way to organize your plastic ware, or silver ware. It’s easy to move around and is easy to refill when needed. We use ours All. The. Time! The caddy measures approx. 8.5×8.5×4 in.
You stain the caddy
Time: about 30-45 minutes
Skill level: Beginner

#11. Patriotic cake stands

Large starred $35
Small striped $25

I LOVE how these turned out! They look so great together! The cake stands are made of wood and finished with the chippy paint style. The large starred cake stand measures approx. 12″ in diameter and stands 5.5″ high. The Small striped cake stand measures approx. 8″ in diameter and stands 8″ high.
You: remove the vinyl stencil and scrape off the paint to get the chippy look.
Time: approx 45-60 minutes.
Skill level: Beginner. Easy Peezy!

#12. Yardzee $35

If you like being having BBQ’s, being out doors, playing games, and having friends over, then this is perfect for you! The classic game of Yahtzee brought to your back yard. Have hours of fun, playing yardzee outdoors.

Each di measures: approx. 3.5″x 3.5″
Storage/shaker crate measures: approx. 10″x 14″x 3.5″

You: Paint the dots on the dice using a stamp. Stain, sand, and stain storage crate.
Time: approx. 90 minutes.
Skill level: Intermediate

#13. American Pallet flag

1776 flag Large $45
Star flag Small $25

1776 flag Large $45

This is one of my all time favorites! This flag is hand painted. The stars and 1776 are traced on your flag using carbon transfer paper and then they are painted by hand. It is a pretty easy sign to make, it just takes some patience. It measures approx. 40X26 inches.
You: paint the design on the flag.
Time: +/- 2 hours to complete.
Skill level: Intermediate- advanced

Star flag small $25

This flag is a mini version of our 1776 American flag! It was made for those of you who don’t have large spaces to decorate! Just for you! Sign measures approx. 18″W x 13″ H
You: paint the design on the flag.
Time: +/- 60-90 minutes
Skill level: Intermediate- advanced

#14. Pledge of Allegiance

Pallet wood Large $50
Small framed $25

Pallet Pledge of Allegiance $50

Pledge of Allegiance

This is for sure one of my all time favorites! I have this displayed right up next to my 1776 American flag! This beauty, is ready to paint! This sign measures approx. 17X30 inches.
You: I have already done the dirty work, you just simply paint it and then remove the vinyl stencil. Easy Peasy!
Time: +/- 60-90 minutes
Skill level: Intermediate-advanced

Framed Pledge of Allegiance $25

You: paint and antique the frame. Using a vinyl stencil, you paint the Pledge of Allegiance on the back and then attach it to the frame. This frame measures approx. 9×13.5 in.
Time: +/-60 minutes to complete.
Skill level: Intermediate- advanced

#15. Hanging firecracker $25

**We are going to use this post through out the year for a few different signs**

Firecracker details:

This sign is made of pallet wood, painted red, white and blue. It has been distressed and stained to seal it and give it a vintage look. This sign can be displayed on the floor or porch, can be hung on the wall, or can be made to hang from the hanging post.

Sign measures approx:

  • Length: 23″ (with fuse 30″)
  • Height: 12″

You paint the Firecracker (however you want), sand and stain.
Time: approx 60-90 mins.
Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Post details:

Heavy duty sturdy post measures approx. 30Wx44H inches with a base that measures approx. 25×25 inches. Post is already painted white.
You antique and stain.
Time: approx. 30-45 minutes to complete (+/- dry time)
Skill level: beginner

I’m so excited we can finally get together again! I hope you have found at least one craft that you would love to make! I hope you can come!

Stay healthy and craft on my friend! 😉


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