Quarantine craft kits for April 2020

The crafting must go on!!! Except….we can’t craft together right now. Boo hoo! We can craft together in heart.
Luckily I have come up with some pretty simple crafts you can do at home. In addition to the normal perks of craft day, I have created videos for your viewing convenience. I will also be available for questions, comments, or help if needed. View the options below to see which craft(s) you want to make to help distract and occupy you during social distancing and quarantine time.

Kits will be ready for pick up:
Saturday April 18, 2020
Delivery charges vary with each order.
Orders are due by Midnight,
Friday, April 10th.

You can email orders to: Brandee@fourtheastcraftco.com I will respond and repeat your order back to you to make sure there are no misunderstandings. So be sure to add me to your contacts so you get my response and you know that I get your order.

Farmhouse frames!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a craft day with out some super cute farmhouse frames! The first frame I have is one I created special for the challenge my friend Bri at Parties with a cause participated in. It is in response to the Italy’s children’s campaign of “ANDRA TUTTO BENE” (everything will be alright). All Italian children were invited to create artwork with a rainbow that included the phrase. Bri posted about the challenge to create art work for our own country. This is what I came up with. #everythingwillbeokay2020

#1. Everything will be okay $20

This amazing sign brings such comfort during these times of uncertainty. It is the classy farmhouse style and can be displayed ANYWHERE! I love to just look at it and be mesmerized by the beautiful glitter and how it just flows together. It just is so uplifting! You can have one of your own. This sign measures approx. 12×6″ and can stand on it’s own.

The large one pictured is only so you can see the colors of glitter. The smaller one is the actual size you will receive. (If you do not want glitter please specify)

The frame will be stained brown and the sign will be assembled and ready for glitter.
You paint the 10 colors of glitter.
Time: it will take approx 30-60mins depending on how detailed your are at painting the glitter.
Sill level: Beginner-Intermediate.

#2. Quarantine coordinator $15

This sign I could NOT pass up! It’s totally how I feel at home, right now! I love having my children home with me and knowing that they are safe, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an adjustment for all of us. We have finally gotten the hang of it, I think, which I’m sure you all have too. But still, this sign is such a fun way to lighten the mood from the situation we ALL are going through. Sign measures approx 12×6″ and can stand on it’s own.
You don’t need to do anything for this sign, it comes completely done!
Time: 0 minutes
Skill level: no skills needed

Our classic farmhouse signs:

Available in the original size 8×8 or the smaller size 5×5. If size is not specified, 8×8 will be provided. (Colors and print options shown after the 8×8 frames description)

Spiritual signs:

#3. Farmhouse style frames 5×5 $10 ea or 3 for $25

These are a mini version of our ever popular farmhouse signs. These are great for small homes, apartments, or dorm rooms. They also are great for tiered decor stands. These adorable little signs measure approx 5×5″ and stand on their own.
Frames will be stained (painted if you ordered paint), assembled, and ready to glitterize.
You: glitterize the print if needed.
Time: each frame takes approx +/- 30minutes to glitterize. (If your print doesn’t have glitter, then it is already done for you)
Skill level: Beginner

#4. Farmhouse style frames 8×8 $12 ea or 3 for $30

What a classy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These signs measure approx. 8×8 inches and stand on their own.
Frames will be stained (painted if you ordered paint), assembled, and ready to glitterize.
You: glitterize the print if needed.
Time: each frame takes approx +/- 30minutes to glitterize. (If your print doesn’t have glitter, then it is already done for you)
Skill level: Beginner

Frames will be stained the color of your choice: (included in price)

Jacobean(dark brown)
Provincial(light brown)

If you want a painted/colored frame add $2 to the price.

The colors of paint provided for frames are shown below (left to right).

  1. Passion
  2. Cobalt Blue
  3. Tahiti Blue
  4. Turquoise
  5. Sunken pool
  6. Easter green
  7. Dark Goldenrod
  8. Tompt Red with black stain
  9. Tompt Red with brown stain
  10. Happy Easter pink
  11. Mystical mist (light purple)
  12. Swiss coffee with brown stain
  13. Swiss coffee with black stain
  14. Black with black stain
  15. Yellow
  16. Coral
  17. Dark green
  18. Medium green
  19. Swiss coffee with green

Available in 8 different prints: **please specify when placing your order** and include the glitter color of your choice.

  1. Bloom
  2. Never let anyone dull your sparkle (silver or gold glitter)
  3. Mother definition (pink, purple, or red glitter)
  4. It’s fine, I’m fine, Everything is fine
  5. Be Still and know that I am God.
  6. Faith is the antidote to fear
  8. The joy we feel….

#5. Farmhouse cow milk can $10 (only 5 available)

This adorable mini milk can is perfect for all homes. It can be displayed year round. A great addition to any farmhouse decor. You can display it as is, add artificial flowers, use it as a pen holder, or pretty much put whatever you want in it.

Can measures approx:

  • Length: 3 1/2″
  • Width: 4 1/2″
  • Opening Diameter: 2 1/4″
  • Height: 4 1/2″

You cut out/trace the cow pattern and paint it black. Rough it up by sanding slightly (optional), then finish off with twine around the top and add whatever insert you desire.
Time: approx +/- 30minutes
Skill level: beginner-intermediate

#7. Home glass milk bottles $20 (only 10 available)

These are such a light and fresh decoration option. They are versatile and can display pretty much anything. I wanted to fill them with different colored candies, but you know, with all the empty grocery shelves out there, I haven’t been able to get what I was looking for. It’s crazy the things I took for granted. I ended up going with some flower blossoms from our front tree.

Wire basket measures:

  • Length: 10 1/2″ 
  • Width: 3 3/8″ 
  • Height: 2″ 

Each bottle measures:

  • Diameter at bottom: 2 1/4″
  • Opening at top: 1 1/4″
  • Height: 5″

You: clean the outside of the jars, place the vinyl stickers on each jar, tie ribbon around tops, and place in the basket.
Skill level: Easy Peezy!

#6. Welcome to our home sign $25 (only 4 available)

This unique sign says it all! It is so fresh and inviting. All who enter your home will definitely feel welcomed. It can be propped up or hung on the wall. Can be displayed on any entry way table, mantle, or wall. (Not to be displayed outdoors unless protected from the elements)
Sign measures approx. 10×16″
You: paint sign white and antique with sand paper, paint words on using a vinyl stencil and black paint, secure wreath with ribbon and tac, and tie twine around sign.
Time: approx. 60-90 minutes
Skill level: Intermediate- Advanced.

I have been so sad thinking about how craft days will need to be postponed for an uncertain amount of time. Creating is therapeutic for me. I have needed something to keep my hands and mind busy with everything going on. (And to relieve some of the added stress of 6 kids home all day long and homeschooling!)
I figured some of you could use a little pick me up and brain break too! I’m so glad I can offer you kits to do at home! Only I’m sad I won’t get to see the finished projects like I normally do. You’ll have to post them for me to see! #fourtheastcraftco (or shoot me a text with a photo)

Stay healthy and craft on my friend! 😉


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