TBT crafts! (Throw back Thursday crafts)

Additional craft options for March 14, 2020 craft day!

I always find it fun to reminisce about my memories of the past. My husband and I were listening to 90’s pop music the other night and we were talking about some of our older crafts. (ha ha like 3 years ago is old!) But to us, 3 years ago is several crafts ago! I have had a few people asking about some of our older Easter crafts, so we decided to do something a little fun. We are adding a few more options for you to select from for our March craft day. {March 14, 2020 10:00-2:00pm} So this post is dedicated to a few of our older, favorites!

#1. TBT craft= Bunny silhouette pallet sign $20

Our first year of craft day (we actually called it craft night, but we didn’t have enough time for our fun crafting adventures that we moved it to days and extended our hours) we created the awesome pallet sign!! We had a pallet sign craft option at every craft event. We had lots of crafters who loved our pallet signs. It has been a while since we have offered one of our classic pallet signs, so we thought we would offer it again! This pallet sign is actually the first ever pallet sign we created. It was offered at our second craft night we had. So it’s kind of nostalgic for us! We hope you like it too.

Pallet sign measures approx. W18″x H20″
You trace and paint the bunny silhouette, make or choose colors for the rosette, and glue it into place. {Rosette colors vary}
Time: 45-60 minutes
Skill level: Beginner

#2 TBT craft= Happy Easter circle $20

This super cute circle sign was also offered at our second craft night! We also offered it at two of our privet craft events. Definitely a favorite of our crafters! I love how different it is and how great it turned out.

Sign measures approx. 11″ in diameter
You paint the edges and gold lettering on using a stencil
Time: 45-60 minutes
Skill level: beginner-Intermediate

#3 TBT craft= Textured Easter Eggs $25 ea or $65 for set of 3

These are totally awesome!! I LOVE these! I just told my husband an idea of what I kinda wanted and he went to work and built the chevron egg. Only, it was so much better than I described to him! We then went to work together creating the other 2 to coordinate. It was so much fun finishing them too!

Available in 3 different styles:

  1. Chevron
  2. Stripe
  3. Polka-dot

Each egg measures approx. W8″x H10″
You paint, sand, stain, and glitterize the egg.
Time: 2+ hours. I once knew a girl who made 2 sets of eggs in about 3.5 hours, but she meant business! In the end….definitely worth the time! The links above tell you how to finish each egg in case you want to see how detailed it is.
Skill level: Intermediate-Advanced

Well it has been fun reminiscing about some of our older crafts and I am happy to be giving you the opportunity to order them if you missed your chance before or if you are new to our craft days. Anyway, cant wait for March 14th!

See you then!


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