DIY farmhouse style framed sign 8×8″

Oh how I love the style of the farmhouse signs! They are so clean and simple. So light and fresh. They are a delightful addition to any room. I especially love the tiny splash of color they provide, when the frame is painted in the color of choice. These are pretty easy to make and don’t take very much time. They are very versatile and can be used for any space, holiday, or season and can pretty much be displayed anywhere. Read on to see how I make this cute, trendy frame, and you will have one of your own in no time.


  • 1×2’s (2 cut at 6.5″ and 2 cut at 8″)
  • Masonite board (cut to 7.75×7.75″)
  • sand paper, sanding block, or hand sander
  • bradnailer and nails
  • wood glue
  • paint, stain, print (optional– for finishing your frame)

Step 1 of building your farmhouse frame

Cut 2 pieces of your 1×2 measuring 6.5 inches and 2 more pieces measuring 8 inches.

If your saw cuts rough like mine, you might need to sand down the cut edges at this point.

Step 2 of building your farmhouse frame

Take one 6.5″ piece and stand it on end. Place a little amount of wood glue on the end that is up. Line up the edge of the 8″ piece on top of the edge of the 6.5″ piece. Use your finger to feel that the pieces are smooth and flush with each other. Now shoot 2 nails through the 8″ piece into the 6.5″ piece, securing it into place. Wipe off any glue that might have seeped out. **Note-I do hold the the frame pieces together when I shoot the nails in. It’s just super hard to take a photo and do that at the same time.

Repeat this step for the other 6.5″ piece.

Step 3 of building your farmhouse frame

Once you have both 6.5″ pieces secured to one of the 8″ pieces,

flip it over so the 6.5″ pieces are sticking up in the air.

Put a little wood glue on both ends.

Now place the remaining 8″ piece on top of the two 6.5″ pieces sticking up in the air. Secure it into place with 2 nails in each end. Just as you did before.

You may need to pull and tug at it a little to help them line up correctly.

Once you have secured all sides together take a good look and make sure you have wiped up all the wood glue. Also check to see if any spots need to be sanded down.

Step 4 of building your farmhouse frame

Using a table saw or a skill saw, cut your Masonite board into a square measuring 7.75″ x 7.75″.

Step 5 of building your farmhouse frame

Once you have the Masonite piece cut, you are ready to finish your frame with paint, stain, or both. At this point, you also want to get your print to put inside the frame. Here are a few links to different farmhouse signs I have made:

Step 6 of building your farmhouse frame

Now that you have finished your frame how you want and you have your print, you are going to assemble it.

Get your Masonite board and place it on your work surface, smooth side up. Place a little (about 1 inch) of double sided sticky tape in each corner. Now center your print to your Masonite board and press firmly in place.

Now get your frame and decide which part of the frame you want for the top and the bottom. I usually place the longer pieces of wood on the top and bottom. Pay special attention to any knots or flaws in the wood (AKA character), so you can decide if there are any special places you want the character markings placed.

Now that you know which part is the top of your frame, pay attention to that detail, and place your Masonite board with the print secured to the front of it, on top of your frame. Center the Masonite board to the frame. Carefully pick it up without moving the backing and check to make sure it is centered where you want it. Now you are going to secure it into place using a brad nailer. I usually put 2 nails in each side (a total of 8 nails)

Once you have secured the backing into place, pick it up and check out what you’ve made. Now go ahead and display it with pride and tell others, “I made that!”

Happy building & crafting!

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