Craft open house, January 2020

Happy Birthday Fourth East Craft Co.!!

Oh my gosh! I can not believe it has been 2 years since I took a leap of faith and decided to start up craft night again! Happy birthday Fourth East Craft Co! Craft nights have since evolved into craft day because that seems to work better for all of us! (Especially the chillins- they are not little devils because it’s not past their bedtime)

A little history about me and “craft night”:
My first “craft night” was actually held August 22, 2008. Crazy right?! At this time I only had 1 baby. I was a new stay at home Mom and had the desire to do something during nap times. I had the idea to make some cute decorations and offer others help making some for themselves. I took flyers around the neighborhood and emailed invites to everyone I knew. The first “craft night” was a success and I couldn’t wait for the next one! I found a new passion to do while my new baby boy napped.

I continued to host “craft night” pretty much monthly, or as often as I could, until June 2010. My last “craft night” was June 11, 2010. I still loved “craft night” but I had a huge challenge….I no longer had my work shop (aka garage). I didn’t have a work shop until November 2017, which is when the desire and drive for “craft night” began burning.

If you have time to kill, you can check out some of the old things I did and read the story as to why I no longer had a work shop. It’s all there. I was kinda fun to walk down memory lane. Check it out at:

Crafters wanted

Anyway, back to the here and now! Join us for our second birthday celebration!

Birthday celebration and craft Open House January 18, 2020


It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without cake and ice cream! So of course we will have cake and ice cream for all who stop by. (While they last)

Orders are due by Midnight,
Friday, January 10th.

You can email orders to: I will respond and repeat your order back to you to make sure there are no misunderstandings. So be sure to add me to your contacts so you know that I get your order.

Remember, when you bring someone new with you, you get to enter the raffle an extra time!

Items are listed a little differently this time. They are first listed in themes, then by price.

#1. Birthday cake stand $25

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without birthday cake! …and you can’t have cake without a stand, right?! I LOVE how it turned out! It’s so much better than I imagined. The cake stand is made of wood and finished with the chippy paint style. Grab one for yourself and add this beautiful piece of decor to your collection. Measures approx. 12″ in diameter and stands 5.5″ high. The cake stand comes pre-stained and painted.
You scrape off the chippy paint and clean up the surface real good.
Time: approx 45mins.
Skill level: beginner

Winter items:

#2. Baby it’s cold outside bucket $10

Baby it IS cold outside! When it’s cold out, there’s nothing I like more than a nice cup of hot cocoa! Even sometimes in the warmer months, if I’m cold, I dream about a cup of hot cocoa.
Or if it’s snowy outside, we often times get ice. This bucket is an attractive way to store your salt for your walkway, stairs, and sidewalks. This cute little bucket measures 7″ in diameter and 4.5″ tall. The uses for this bucket are endless! This is for just the bucket ONLY. The props are just for the photo.
You apply the vinyl sticker and you’re done!
Time: approx 5 min
Skill level: Beginner

#3. Farmhouse style Winter signs $10 each or 3 for $25

What an easy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These “cool” signs measure approx. 8×8 inches and stand on their own.
You paint the frame the color of your choice, antique and stain it, glitter-ize your print, then assemble the print and frame with help.
Time: each frame takes approx 45-60 minutes to complete. (As you make more than one, time decreases)
Skill level: intermediate

Available in 4 different options: **please specify when placing your order**

  1. Snowflake 1
  2. Snowflake 2
  3. Snowflake 3
  4. Baby it’s cold outside

#4. Snow flake shelf sitter or door hang $40

This totally awesome 3-D snowflake is like nothing you’ve ever seen! It will definitely be your favorite winter decoration by far. It adds a unique rustic flair to your home and looks nice on a shelf, table, mantle, or even hung on the wall or door (it is pretty big and heavy, it will bang against the door when it opens and closes–so I would maybe display it on a less used door if that is the route you want to go) This rustic looking snowflake measures approx. 15×15″ and is 6″ thick.
You paint, sand, and stain the 3 different layers of the snowflake, then assemble with assistance.
Time: approx 2+ hours
Skill level: intermediate to advanced (good patience recommended)

#5. Hanging snowflake or string heart sign & base $65

snowflake only $25
string heart sign only $25
post only $40

**We are going to use this post through out the year for a few different signs**

Hanging snowflake details:

It is winter all around….except we haven’t seen a whole lot of snow here in Utah. I love, with this hanging snowflake, we can view the delicate snowflake without having the snow. Made from reclaimed wood and measures approx. 19×19″. This snowflake can be hung on the post or can be hung on the wall, you decide.
You paint, sand, and stain the snowflake, then coat it with a little glitter spray to finish it off and you’re done.
Time: approx 60-90 mins.
Skill level: beginner to intermediate

String heart details: (also available as a pallet sign)

String art is so fun! There is no way to ruin it….I don’t think. I had so much fun making this sign. I actually had to do it twice because the beginning of my string didn’t hold. Anyway, I love how it turned out and I really it was so fun to make. You can display it indoors or outside, the string will hold up in the weather. Looks great on the porch, near a fireplace, hung on the wall, or the post. It is available either way, you choose. Measures approx 18×18″. Nails are already in place.
You string the string on the nails and secure it into place.
Time: approx 30-60 mins
Skill level: beginner

string heart close up

Post details:

Heavy duty sturdy post measures approx. 30Wx44H inches with a base that measures approx. 25×25 inches. Post is already painted white.
You antique and stain.
Time: approx. 30-45 minutes to complete (+/- dry time)
Skill level: beginner

Valentine items:

#6. Valentine tags $8 ea or 2 for $15

These adorable tags are based on the classic conversation hearts we all remember from childhood. I always “accidentally” gave the “you’re cute” ones to the boys I had a crush on…ooops! These tags measure approx 5.5×8″ and pretty simple to make.
You paint the block, trace heart pattern, paint heart patter with paint brush, trace words, paint words with a paint marker, attach ribbon or twine and you’re done.
Time: approx 90 mins for 1 or 2.
Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Available in 2 different designs. Please specify you design choice if you are just getting 1.

  1. love
  2. XOXO

#7. Farmhouse style Valentine signs $10 each or 3 for $25

What an easy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These “lovely” signs measure approx. 8×8 inches and stand on their own.
You paint the frame the color of your choice, antique and stain it, glitter-ize your print(if needed), then assemble the print and frame with help.
Time: each frame takes approx 45-60 minutes to complete. (As you make more than one, time decreases)
Skill level: intermediate

Available in 3 different options: **please specify when placing your order** If you order 3, you will receive 1 of each unless you specify otherwise.

  1. Love you more.
  2. Heart with glitter polka-dots
  3. Love you most.

#8. Chevron Pallet heart sign $25

This totally AWESOME chevron pallet heart sign was a hit last year! I have chosen to bring it back to give everyone the opportunity to make one of their own. Made of reclaimed wood and painted with a white wash technique, it is super easy to make and holds up outdoors or inside. Sign is pre-made.
You paint the sign following step-by-step instructions.
Skill level: beginner

#9. Hugs and Kisses tic-tac-toe & peg solitaire

$30 for 1 game
$35 for double sided (tic-tac-toe one side; peg solitaire on the back)

This year for Valentine’s day (or those cold winter days) skip the electronics and take a step back in time and actually do some fun “gaming”.

This Valentine themed tic-tac-toe is hand made of wood and will provide endless entertainment! When you’ve had enough of the X’s & O’s or you’ve totally killed your teammate and they no longer want to play, flip it over and continue playing by your self. Peg solitaire is such a fun challenge and is quite addicting!
You stain and paint the pieces, drill the holes, and assemble with help.
Time: approx. 2 hours
Skill level: intermediate to advanced

I finally had to stop myself! It is way too late and I’m still sitting up dreaming of different craft items I could add to these options, but I have. to. stop. otherwise you’ll never get to see the options before the deadline.

A special thanks goes out to all of you who have and do support us. Thanks for coming, spreading the word, inviting your friends and family, showing off your cute stuff you make, posting and following us on social! We wouldn’t be here without you.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you at the celebration!!!


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