DIY farmhouse (Halloween) flying bats sign

I love the clean fresh look of the farmhouse style. Its so simple and inviting to me. I also love all (most) things Halloween. And you put them together…and you can’t go wrong. This farmhouse Halloween flying bats framed sign looks so classy and grown up. Definitely a great way to display some Halloween spirit in your home. This was a special request by one of my hosts for our craft parties and I’m so glad she inquired about it, because it turned out so great!

Wanna know how I made it? Wanna make one of your own? Well….read on and I’ll tell ya!


  • 1×2’s cut to sizes: (2qty- top and bottom pieces= 17″ in length) & (2 qty- side pieces= 21.5″ in length)
  • Masonite board cut to measure just under 23″x17″
  • bradnailer or staple gun
  • palm sander, sanding block, or sandpaper
  • safety glasses
  • stain
  • gloves
  • white paint
  • black paint
  • Flying bats vinyl stencil file from PinkCrocDesigns from Etsy
  • Mini-paint roller and/or sponge brush
  • X-acto knife–optional

Step 1: Build your frame

You are going to start by putting your frame together, using your baradnailer or staple gun. Grab one of the side pieces and one of the top or bottom pieces. Line up the top piece on top of the end of the side piece, so they are perpendicular. Now nail it into place.

Now grab the other side piece and do that same thing you just did and attach it to the other end of the top piece. Once you have the two pieces secured to the top piece, repeat everything you just did with the last remaining bottom piece

Step 2: Painting your backing for your flying bats sign

Using a mini-paint roller roll 2-3 coats of white paint onto your Masonite backing. (Allowing to dry in between coats) After it has been coated with paint allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Painting your flying bats onto your flying bats sign.

When your Masonite backing is completely dry, wipe it down with a damp paper towel to ensure the surface is clean. Let it air dry. Now you are going to apply the vinyl stencil. Peel the backing of your vinyl stencil off and center the stencil to the Masonite backing. Press it down firmly, especially along the edges to make sure it adheres good.

Once you have your vinyl stencil in place, you are going to paint a quick coat of the very same white paint you used to roll on the backing. Using a sponge brush, just brush it on with back and forth strokes. The reason for this step is to allow the white paint to seep under any cracks or spaces where the vinyl stencil didn’t stick real strong and fill those places with white paint. This will allow you to get a sharp, clean edge with the black paint.

Pour some black paint on a paper plate and using a sponge brush, gently paint black to fill in the stencil, using back and forth strokes. It will probably take about 2-3 coats to make sure the white paint is no longer showing.

When you have finished your last coat, very carefully remove the vinyl stencil. Make any touch ups you may need to using an X-acto knife blade or a fine paint brush.

When you know your bats are completely dry, secure the backing to your frame, using a bradnailer or staple gun. Hooray!! You are finished. Now is the time to find the perfect place to display your new farmhouse Halloween flying bats sign. And display it with pride because you just made that!!

Happy Haunting!

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