Crafternoon in September 2019

It’s official! Kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping, time to get that favorite sweatshirt out of storage, and get your craft on! As i’m typing this I’m realizing that I have a passion for many times and seasons of the year. I fell like I love Fall and decorating for Fall and Halloween, but if I remember correctly, I said pretty much the same thing in June. But it’s real; as the seasons change, my passion for crafting and decorating also changes.

This month’s craft items are Halloween themed and one fall item. We had a hard time narrowing down the selection so there’s lots to choose from. I guarantee you will find one(or more) that you love and want to add to your home.

Saturday September 28, 2019

10:00-2:00pm open house style, in South Salt Lake

Orders due September 20th by midnight

Orders may be placed via:
#1. email
or #2. text.
I will respond and let you know I got your order, so watch for it. There may be a delay of a few days, but I will respond by order deadline.
— you can pre-pay for your items with Venmo @Brandee-Fitts or you can pay at check-in.

Here are the options for the September 28th crafternoon:

#1. Farmhouse Halloween frames $10 each (3 for $25, & 5 for $40)

What an easy way to bring a pop of color into your home, while decorating at the same time. These cute festive signs measure approx. 8×8 inches and stand on their own. You paint the frame the color of your choice, antique and stain it, then assemble the print and frame with help. Each frame takes approx 45 minutes to complete. (As you make more than one, time decreases per each)

Available in 5 different prints:
1. Happy Haunting
2. Spooky
3. sit for a Spell
4. Witch
5. October 31

Please specify the print you want and color of frame when ordering.

#2. Halloween count-down blocks $15

As a child, I remember the anticipation of awaiting the arrival of Halloween! I remember making count-down chains and tearing a ring off every day. These blocks are a fun way to display that anticipation, and involve your children. BONUS– they are reusable, unlike those paper chains I once used. The blocks measure approx. 8x4x7.5 inches. Blocks are painted, antiqued, and stained for you. You cut, antique, and glue the paper on. Numbers are black on white paper. The ’til Halloween” is also on white paper. There is various black and white papers to choose from to decorate the main block. This craft takes about 60-90 minutes to complete.

#3. Upcycled pallet wood skull $15

It wouldn’t be Halloween with out a skull. Made from up-cycled pallet wood, this skull is painted white and antiqued black with a shimmery, pearly finish. You paint the face on and glitterize it. Skull measures approx. 10×14 inches. This craft will take about 30-45 minutes to complete (+/- dry time).

#4. Hello Fall $20

Welcome Fall, family, and friends to your home with this beautiful door hang. This stylish, black and white buffalo check pattern, with orange or brown letters that reads: hello Fall. It is hung with black tulle and embellished with various black, white, and orange ribbons and buttons. The buffalo check will already be painted, you paint the lettering using a vinyl stencil, create the bow, add the buttons, and hang with tulle. This door hang measures 11 inches and will take approx. 60-90 minutes to complete.

#5. Wood plank “BOO” sign $25

This great stand alone, wood plank sign, can be displayed on the wall, entry way table, mantle, shelf, or pretty much anywhere. The frame is already painted and assembled. You paint and glitterize the letters on using a vinyl stencil. Sign measures approx 16.5×14 and will take about 45-60 minutes to complete.

#6. KEEP OUT pallet sign $25

This up-cycled pallet wood sign has been carefully constructed to give the old abandoned, boarded up look. Embellished with chains and a bolt to give it a more cautious feel. Sign measures approx 24×27 inches. This can be displayed on the porch or floor and can also be made to hang on the wall. Wood sign is put together. You trace the pattern on the sign, paint the letters using a paint marker, and decided on the chain and bolt placement. Takes approx 60 minutes.

#7. Halloween candy tray $30

This reclaimed wood serving tray is a great way to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year! With this antique style and easy to hold handles, you’re sure to be the #1 stop on the trick-or-treat list! With the large size you are able to get all the goods the kids want! Measures approx. 20x12x4 inches. You paint, antique, and stain. Handles will be put on for you. Takes approx. 90 minutes to complete. (+/- dry time) {Candy not included}

#8. Sleepy Hollow’s Apothecary sign $45

This vintage style apothecary sign looks like it has been used though out the years. This is where all the witches and wizards would come to get their rare ingredients for their spooky spells and jinxes. A fabulous addition to any Halloween decor! Sign is painted white and antiqued. You paint and glitterize the lettering on using a vinyl stencil. Sign measures approx. 37×11 inches and will take approx 60-90 minutes to complete.

#9. Dead & Breakfast hanging sign $65 (post only $40, sign only $25)

Come on in {if you dare} for a night at the local dead & breakfast. Get your spook on and welcome (or scare away) family, friends, and neighbors. This is must have if you love to get your outdoors spookified!

Heavy duty sturdy post measures approx. 30Wx44H inches with a base that measures approx. 25×25 inches. Post is painted white. You antique and stain. Takes approx. 30-45 minutes to complete (+/- dry time) **We are going to use this post through out the coming year for a few signs**

Actual sign measures approx. 17×24 inches and is hung by chains. You sand and lighten surface, paint and glitterize lettering using a vinyl stencil, and assemble. Takes approx. 45-60 minutes.

So there ya go! Was I right? Did you find something that you fell in love with?! All great fun crafts to be made and added to your collection! Don’t forget to sign up and share the crafting love, with your family and friends! See ya then!

Happy Crafting!- Brandee

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