How to make a reclaimed pallet wood HOME sign

I love the rustic look of reclaimed pallet wood. And I love the cozy feel of the word HOME. I have always wanted a sign that says HOME but never could really find what I was looking for exactly. So of course, I decide to just make one of my own! This reclaimed pallet wood HOME sign is super easy to make and looks great wherever you choose to display it! Follow the steps below to make your own.


Build the base of your reclaimed pallet wood HOME sign

First you want to build your wood sign. Here is a simple tutorial to help you do that. How to build a reclaimed pallet wood sign. The measurements are different for this sign but you can follow the tutorial adjusting the measurements.

Print and trace your HOME design on the sign

First, find a basic font that you like, and type the letters H M & E. Size them to fit onto your reclaimed pallet wood sign. Next, print the shape of Utah in a similar size to take place of the O. (You can do this with any shape of your choice)

After the letters have been printed, arrange them on the top of your reclaimed pallet wood sign and tape them together so they will not move when you trace them onto the wood.

When the letters are all taped together, carefully lift one side up and place carbon transfer paper underneath, on top of the wood. Repeat this step for the other side. Make sure you have carbon transfer paper under all the letters.

Using a pencil, begin tracing the outside of the letters onto your reclaimed pallet wood sign.

Paint your reclaimed pallet wood HOME sign

After you have traced the outline of all the letters and the shape of Utah, using your black sharpie paint marker, begin tracing the outlines of the H M & E. The reason you want to use the sharpie pen to trace the outlines, is because it gives the edges a sharpness that is very difficult to get with a paint brush and it takes much less time. You can fill it in with the sharpie paint marker, if you’d like, but I was worried it wouldn’t have enough ink to cover all the area it needed to cover.

If you decided to not fill the letters in with the Sharpie paint marker, you can fill it in using a paint brush and black paint.

Repeat this step using the white Sharpie paint marker on the Utah shape. Notice that I started on the edge of the Utah shape and either I didn’t prep my marker well enough or it was a dud. And it bled/leaked a large amount of paint out and outside of the lines. I was so frustrated with my self. That is why I point this out, so you won’t do the same mistake as me. I probably should have mentioned that up with the black Sharpie paint marker too. Anyway, complete the outline and then either fill it in with the paint marker or with white paint. I tried to fill mine in with the dud marker, but it didn’t go dark enough so I ended up painting it anyway.

Mark Salt Lake City with a red glitter heart on the Utah shape

This is my favorite part! If you know me, you know I love glitter!! Use your red glitter medium and a small bristle paint brush to paint a little heart where Salt Lake City would be. (or whatever city you choose) I actually googled a map because I wanted it to be accurately placed. Once you have painted on your heart, let it sit to dry before standing it upright. It usually takes 15+ minutes depending on thick your glitter heart is.

Now that you have completed this gorgeous sign, stand back and take it all in. HOME. Yep, what a cozy word and what a beautiful sign to display in it. Be proud of where you call HOME.

Happy crafting! Brandee

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