DIY Pledge of Allegiance Pallet sign

Do you remember learning the Pledge of Allegiance in school and reciting it daily? I do! Remember when you first learned where your heart was and how to place your hand over it while you said the words? I do! I love Independence day and all decor that has anything to do with it. This Pledge of Allegiance pallet sign is fantastic! It was pretty easy to make, but definitely isn’t a beginners project. If you follow my easy steps below, you will be able to make one of your own!
Let’s do this!!


Step one: Build your pallet wood sign

If you don’t have a pallet sign to paint on yet, I have a great tutorial, that is easy to follow, and will walk you through the steps on how to build your own. DIY reclaimed pallet wood sign.

Step two: apply vinyl stencil

After you have your pallet sign built, you are going to want to apply your vinyl stencil to the wood. If you have ever attempted using a vinyl stencil on pallet wood, you probably know it is kind of challenging. But have no fear! I walk you through all you need to know on how to do this is my tutorial right HERE!

Step three: using a vinyl stencil to get clean, sharp lines

Once you finally have your vinyl stencil applied to your pallet wood sign, you are going to paint it! This sometimes can also be challenging. Let’s be honest, sometimes working with pallet wood can be “rough”! Ha ha! That was funny! Anyway, HERE is step-by-step instructions about the special secret of how to get those perfect lines!

I began by painting all the white areas first. I then painted all the red areas second. And I finished off by painting the blue areas last. I did it in this order because I wanted the white and red to be pretty dry in the end so that I could apply the glitter medium.

Step four: remove stencil

Now that you have painted in all the areas of your vinyl stencil, it is my favorite time! Time to remove the stencil.

Removing a vinyl stencil is actually pretty easy, but you may need to make a few touch ups. HERE is a great post on how to fix some of the touch ups you might need after using a vinyl stencil on pallet wood.

If you followed all the steps in this tutorial, you should have a beautiful reclaimed Pledge of Allegiance pallet wood sign. You should be proud of your self. This is a challenging project, and you did it! Display this proudly on your porch or a special place in your home and celebrate the freedoms we have!

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