DIY Let Freedom Ring Pallet Sign

I love the look of pallet wood. I love the thought of up-cycling and re-purposing. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, so why not combine them?! This Let Freedom Ring Pallet sign turned out better than I imagined and it was a popular item at craft night. Read on to learn how I made this Let Freedom Ring pallet sign.

If you do not already have a pallet sign lmade, you can follow this easy turotial to make your own.

Step one:

After you have built your pallet wood sign trace your America shape onto the center and paint it white. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just make sure you get it good and filled in and clean lines on the outside.

Step Two:

Using your vinyl stencil from Burton Avenue, paint the “Let Freedom Ring” inside the America shape you just painted white. When using a vinyl stencil on rough pallet wood can be tough. How to apply a vinyl stencil to rough pallet wood will help you to do this easier. Also, How to paint clean and crisp lines using a vinyl stencil on rough pallet wood will help you get professional looking edges on your lines. Using navy blue paint, paint the “LET” and the “RING” as well as the little squigglies. Now, use a barn red color to paint the “freedom” section of your stencil. It is now time to remove your vinyl stencil. How to remove a vinyl stencil from rough pallet wood.

Step Three:

While your sign is drying, it’s time to cut your patriotic fabric into small triangles for your pennant flags. My flags measure a little over 1 inch, but you can do whatever size you prefer. I like to cut more than I am actually going to use, so I can play around with it and decide the layout/pattern that I like. I actually had a few other fabrics in addition to the ones pictured, but as I played around with my layout, I decided I didn’t like them all together so I just went with the few that you can see.

Step Four:

Now is the time to put it all together. Brush off any saw dust from distressing it. Cut your baker’s twine in two long pieces. I cut each piece of twine, a little longer than my sign so that I would be able to tuck the ends behind the sign. Lay the twine where you think you want it and begin laying the pennant flags in the locations that you want. Once you have the layout you like, using a hot glue gun, begin gluing them into place. You can do this by lifting up the pennant flag slightly, and applying the hot glue on tip of the twine. Lay the pennant flag back on top of the twine and press firmly to get the glue to squish out wide and spread over the twine and onto the wood. I only glue the top part of the pennant flag so that it can be free on the bottom and can wave a little in the wind. And trust me, on a windy day, the cute little flags do wave in the wind.

Once you have done this to all the pennant flags, flip your sign over and hot glue the ends of the twine to the back of the sign.

After you have secured the pennant flag banners into place on the back, distressed your painted America and words, you are finished. You now have a gorgeous reclaimed wood sign to proudly display for the Fourth of July!


  • Pallet sign
  • America shape
  • Let Freedome Ring stencil
  • Carbon transfer paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Red acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • Various Red, White, and Blue patriotic cotton fabrics
  • Red and White bakers twine
  • Hot glue

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