June Crafternoon 2019

If you know me or have been following us here at Fourth East Craft CO. you probably know that one of my most favorite holidays is the 4th of July! I love the colors, I love the sun, I love the food and the fun! Oh and don’t forget that I love stars! Anyway, having said that, you’ll understand why there are so many different options to choose form. We have lots of Independence day decor, a great item to celebrate shark week, a fun heritage or Pioneer day sign, and even a fun craft for the kiddies!

Be sure to read all the details so you know what your craft entails and how long it might take you to make it. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Details first:

Saturday June 15 from 10:00-2:00pm

Orders due by midnight on Friday June 7, 2019

#1. Parade wand $2 (Kid’s craft)

This adorable parade wand is simple to make and the kids LOVE it! I have made these a few times with my children and they are a hit. They love to wave them and play with them during the parade and after…..all day month. They are so fun to have!
My daughter, Maddie, will be helping the children make these and she is super excited to be “in charge” and running the booth.

#2. 3 small independence frames $25 (set of 3) or $10 each

Small framed patriotic signs

These frames are already assembled(minus the back), you paint and antique them. Using a vinyl stencil, you paint the back design and then attach the back to the frame. The set of 3 will take approx 60-90 minutes to complete. (If making only 1 or 2 the amount of time will go down a bit)

a. Stars– measures approx. 5×5 in.
b. America– measures approx. 7.5×6.5 in.
c. 4th– measures approx. 7.5×5 in.

#3. Pioneer day HOME sign $20

This is a great everyday sign that I felt could be used especially during the Pioneer day celebrations. Because who’s not happy to be living here in Utah as their home?! {If you’re not happy, I’m sorry, that’s too bad ūüôĀ }
This sign is made by tracing your design on using carbon transfer paper and then hand painting it. This sign measures approx. 30×10 in and will take about 45-90 minutes to complete.

#4. Tall vintage American flag $20

This is classic vintage American flag is a great sign to display! It can be made to hang or stand. It is a pretty simple sign to make. It is all hand painted, then antiqued with stain. It measures approx. 10×30 in. and will take about 60-90 minutes to complete.

#5. Pallet star $25

Remember? I love stars! It just wouldn’t be right for me to not offer a star at this craft event. And so here it is! This star is hand painted and antiqued with stain. It measures approx. 30×30 in. and will take about 60-90 minutes to complete.

#6. Framed Pledge of Allegiance $20

This frames are already assembled(minus the back), you paint and antique the frame. Using a vinyl stencil, you paint the Pledge of Allegiance on the back and then attach it to the frame. This frame measures approx. 9×13.5 in. and will take about 60 minutes to complete.

#7. Glass Jar center piece $25

(includes: jar, 2 American flags, and ribbons around jar only)

This beautiful 2 gallon glass jar(no lid) has a woven twine ribbon wrapped around with a ruffly red ribbon on top, and white raffia, also on top, tied into a bow. There are 2 American flags displayed so they are waving the bold colors of RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Definitely a fun center piece to add to an picnic or BBQ table display! You can add your own filler or leave it with just the flags. This center piece will take approx. 20-60 minutes to assemble.

#8. Stars and Stripes $25

This one turned out to be one of my favorites! This sign is assembled and ready for you to apply the vinyl stencil and begin painting. It measures approx. 18.5×11.5 and will take about 1 hour to complete.

#9. Silverware caddy $30 (with jars $20 w/out jars)

This totally awesome utensil caddy is such a fun way to organize your plastic ware, or silver ware. It’s easy to move around and is easy to refill when needed. You stain the caddy and paint and antique the mason jars. The caddy measures approx. 8.5×8.5×4 in. and will take about 90-120 minutes to complete.

#10. Daddy shark DOO DOO $35

Daddy shark doo doo

This totally Jaw-some shark sign is a great addition to any beach themed decor, pool side, or child’s room. It is ready to paint by hand and will take about 60 minutes to complete. It measures approx. 30×17 in.

#11. 1776 American flag $40

This is one of my all time favorites! This flag is hand painted. The stars and 1776 are traced on your flag using carbon transfer paper and then they are painted by hand. It is a pretty easy sign to make, it just takes some patience. It will take 90-120 minutes to complete. It measures approx. 40X26 inches.

#12. Pallet Pledge of Allegiance $45

Pledge of Allegiance

This is for sure one of my all time favorites! I have this displayed right up next to my 1776 American flag! This beauty, is ready to paint! I have already done the dirty work, you just simply paint it and then remove the vinyl stencil. Easy Peasy! It will take about 60-90 minutes to complete. This sign measures approx. 17X30 inches.

Now that I’ve shown you all of the crafts maybe you will understand that I just couldn’t stop! I hope you will be able to find one that will fit in your home perfectly. Sign up now (via text or email) And let’s make it! Can’t wait!

Happy Crafting!

Fourth East Craft Co

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