framed wood plank sign

Framed wood plank sign: how to build your own in 3 simple steps

These framed wood plank signs are one of my favorite things to make. They have so much versatility to them. You can make them whatever size your heart desires. And, you can finish them with many different styles or looks. I love how they can spruce up any space in your home! And, BONUS, they are SUPER easy to make! Read on to see how I build one in 3 simple steps and teach you how to build your own.

First off, you need to know the dimensions you want for your sign. Like I said, these are great because you can make them WHATEVER size you want! For sake of understanding, lets use this sign as my example.

framed wood plank sign

Step one: cutting the main/back part of your framed wood plank sign

Cut the 1×2 into four 9 inch sections. I usually cut the pieces a little over what I need then re-cut them all at the same time. I do this so that I know they are the exact same length. It’s important they are the same length when putting it together.

**(keep in mind, you can use all different widths and lengths of wood boards).

Step two: cutting the frame for your framed wood plank sign

Next you are going to cut the frame. Lay all four pieces, you just cut, flat, next to each other, and measure how wide they are together. This will be the length of the sides of your frame.

In the example they measure 6 1/16 inches. Cut two pieces at this length. As I mentioned earlier, I will usually cut the first one a little longer than I need. I stack it on top of the next one I’m going to cut and then cut them both at the same time, giving them both the exact measurement I want.

Once you have your two sides cut, lay them out at the ends of your four 9 inch pieces, but don’t lay them flat. Lay them on the side so they are raised from the ones you have lying flat. This gives it a little bit of a frame look. Now measure the length of them together with the boards laying flat. This will be the measurement of the top and bottom pieces of your frame. Cut these two pieces the same as you cut the side pieces.

Now place them, on their sides, at the top and bottom. Look over it and make sure they all match up well, with no gaps. (small gaps are ok and look fine, it’s just a little more of a challenge when putting it all together)

You can assemble your framed plank sign now. Unfinished or you can finish the pieces of wood first. I find it easier to paint and work with individual pieces before it is assembled. So I actually paint and antique my pieces first, then I put it together. If you choose to do what I do, this is the time to paint your wood pieces and get them ready to be put together.

Step three: assembling your framed wood plank sign

Now it’s time to assemble your framed wood plank sign. I love this part! You are getting so close to seeing what it will look like when it’s done.

Side frame pieces

First, stand up the 4 back pieces on end, and line up one of the side pieces of my frame on top of the four. I focus mainly on the the first back piece and the side piece of the frame, making sure they line up nice and flush. Once I have them lined up correctly, I put a nail (Nail #1) into the corner of the side piece of the frame (to secure them together). Double check to make sure it is still flush and lined up, then put a second nail (Nail #2) into it.

your sign will not have the top and bottom pieces in place yet. The picture above has them in place. Just focus on where the nails are and what order they are put in.

Now I line up the rest of the four pieces under the side frame piece and make sure they line up flush with the side piece. I then repeat what I just did, with the last piece of the 4 back pieces. (Nails 3 & 4) Once I have both ends secured to the side frame, I adjust the middle two pieces, so they are flush, and I nail them into place. (Nails 5 & 6; and 7 & 8) I use two nails per piece of wood to prevent the wood from turning or twisting on you. Keep in mind, if you are using different sized planks and you have more or less than 4, your nail count will be different than what I have shown.

After the side frame piece is secured to the back 4 pieces I flip it over and repeat it all again with the second side of the frame. When you do this part, make sure the overhang, of the frame, is on the same side as you did before. This might sound silly to mention, but if you’re not paying close attention you could nail it into place the wrong way and have to take it apart and start over. Which is no big deal really, it will just save you time if you do it right the first time. 😉

Top and bottom frame pieces

Great! You have both sides of your frame secured into place. The hardest part is over. Now you want to secure the top and bottom of your frame into place. Line up the top or bottom (it doesn’t matter which one you are working with first) so the back is flush with the back pieces of your sign and the edge is flush with the edge of your side frame piece. Nail one end of your frame piece into the side frame piece. (Nail #1) Use one nail so you can still adjust and line up of the other end if you need to. Now move down to the other end and make sure it is all lined up and nail that end into place. Use two nails, one on each side of the wood. (Nails 2 & 3)

Now put 2-3 nails evenly spaced between the ends of the frame piece, to secure it to the back pieces. (Nails 4, 5 & 6) And do one final nail in the end that you started with to finish securing it to the side frame piece. (Nail #7) Final nail pictured below.

Awesome! You’ve got one more side to go. Now flip it over and do the same with your last piece. Once you have it put together hold it back and take a look at it. Yay you’ve got it assembled and what an awesome framed wood plank sign you’ve just built!

framed wood plank sign

If you chose to assemble it before painting it, now’s the time to paint it and finish it up. I hope you have enjoyed following my three steps to building a framed wood plank sign. And I can’t wait to see how you finish it off!

Supplies needed:

It really is pretty easy to build a framed wood plank sign following these steps. I hope I have been able to walk you through so you feel comfortable enough to get started! Good luck and happy crafting! You can do it!

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