DIY Mossy shamrock sign

I have never been able to find great St. Patrick’s day décor, which is how this beauty came about! I love to decorate for the holidays, but I want something that will last. This Mossy shamrock sign is a classic! The dried moss draws an element of nature into your home, as well as the classic GREEN color of St. Patrick’s day. Bring a little green into your home and make your own DIY Mossy shamrock sign by following these 6 steps.

Mossy shamrock sign

**Finished sign measures approx. 9×9″**

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Painting your wood pieces for your DIY Mossy shamrock sign

First you want to paint the base of your sign. Using a sponge brush, paint a thin coat of Swiss coffee on your three 1×3’s. You are going to paint a total of 2-3 coats to get them good and covered.

Here is a tutorial on how I paint my projects so they dry quickly.

Step 2: Preparing your shamrock for your DIY Mossy shamrock sign

While your 1×3’s are drying, trace your shamrock pattern on to the back of your Moss. Cut it out.

Step 3: Distressing your DIY Mossy shamrock sign

Next, you are going to distress your sign. When your 1×3’s have dried thoroughly, using a palm sander, sanding block, or sand paper, sand the edges and surface to distress it a little. The more you sand the more distressed it will look.

Step 4: Staining your DIY Mossy shamrock sign

After your sign is distressed you are going to stain it. Using a corner of an old towel, apply the stain to the three white 1×3’s and the four unpainted 1×2’s. You are going to want to work fast so the stain doesn’t dry. Wipe the excess stain off using the unused part of the towel. The harder you rub, the more the stain gets removed. If the stain is too dark, let it dry and sand it off until you get the lightness you want.

Here is a link to show you how I stain my projects using an old towel.

Step 5: Assemble your wood pieces for your DIY Mossy shamrock sign

Go here to see how to assemble your sign.

Step 6: Applying your moss to your DIY mossy shamrock sign

Once the stain has been absorbed and your white 1×3’s are pretty dry (I waited about a day or 2), you are going to apply your moss. Lay your moss shamrock on your sign and decide the location you want. Turn it over and pull the backing off to expose the sticky side. Then, turn it back over and secure into place using firm pressure.

By following these 6 steps you will get a great, classic St. Patrick’s day decoration that will last a lifetime. One that you made on your own and you will proudly display and cherish. It will be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

Let’s make this!

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