8 top favorite DIY wood crafts from 2018

Here is the count down of the 8 top favorite wood crafts from 2018. (Minus the MOST FAVORITE craft–I’m saving that for a post all of it’s own!!) But first, let me tell you. In January 2018, I started hosting crafting events (AKA craft night). I use to host them years ago and I loved it so much, that I decided to start doing it again. This new endeavor began small with a few people in attendance, but closed out the year with a bang! It was a great year with lots of fun times and definitely what I had been missing.

So……here they are:

#8 Pallet Candy corns

Rustic pallet wood candy corns

I made these adorable little treats from pallet wood. They come in various sizes measuring about 7-10 inches wide by about 7-10 inches tall. They were specifically made so you can display them standing alone or they can be leaned against something. BONUS!! they can be used the whole FALL season!

#7 Polka-dot Pumpkin

Spooky Polka-dot pumpkin

This pumpkin is one of my faves! I love glitter!!! The finished pumpkin can stand on it’s own wherever you choose to display it. This beauty, measures approximately 11.5 inches wide X 12.5 inches high and will definitely catch your eye!

#6 Fireworks

4th of July wood Fireworks!

This is a set of 3 wooden firecrackers. Each pillar measures 3×3 inches square around and are differing heights of 6, 8, & 11 inches. Each is finished with a hand made wire fuse. The medium sized one has 3 stars made of MDF glued to the front while the smallest one has some bakers twine tied around it.

#5 Jingle bell trees

Jingle bell trees porch decoration

This is a cluster of 3 wooden trees standing tall together. The 3 colored trees are connected. These will look great on the porch, in the center of your home for your tree, or even next to your mantle. Measures approx 4 feet tall by 20 inches wide.

#4 Large Pallet pumpkin

This beauty was awesome to make! It will take about 45-60 minutes (drying time included) to complete. Its very simple and easy to make. This popular decor item measures about 15 inches wide x 18 inches tall (20 inches if you count the stem) Definitely a classic!

#3 Candy coffin

Halloween candy coffin

This item has got to be one of the coolest items we have ever offered! It was also on of the funnest to make! This candy coffin has a hinged top with a clasp to secure it closed. The inside is just as awesome as the outside! This spooky decoration doubles as a candy holder for the trick-or-treat-ers.

#2 Planter boxes

Blessed planter box
Merry & Bright planter box

These are beautiful centerpieces for your holiday table! They can also be displayed on a mantle, entryway, shelf, or top of cupboard. They measure approximately 30 inches long x 6 inches wide and stands 4 inches tall. 

#1 Dovetail holiday wood sign

Happy FALL door hang
Trick-or-treat door hang

These signs are definitely a great starter piece or a bonus piece for your fall collection. This sign measures 12 inches wide X 17 inches tall.  

Over all, I had a great year! I’m so glad that I took the challenge to start hosting craft events (AKA craft nights). I need to give a BIG shout out to Burton Avenue for all the encouragement and all my stencil and vinyl needs! I had a lot of fun looking back over all the projects I did and I liked seeing what you (my craft night attenders) liked most. I can’t wait to share with you what the MOST favorite, popular, ordered craft of the whole year was! Stay tuned! –Brandee

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